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Over ten years ago, we reviewed Alien Skin's filters back in 1995 with their "Black Box" product including an interview with from Michael Pilmer, one of the developers of Alien Skin. Later, XenoFex was a DTG "BEST" winner in 1998. Then along came "Eye Candy 4000" which was also a true blockbuster, and the basis of this new incarnation. Next we told you that the "Image Doctor will see you now" ... and still later we brought you the all new Eye Candy 5 "Nature" and "Texture" and Exposure.... presents some rather talented gurus using Alien Skin software...


Graphic artists with vision

Jim Zuckerman's online folio

JIM ZUCKERMAN, in 1970, went to pursue his love of photography. He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools, including UCLA and Kent State University. Zuckerman specializes in wildlife, nature, and travel photography, photomicroscopy and digital effects. He uses many techniques, but probably the Eye Candy filters and Exposure and the most frequent. For the above effect he used Snap Art’s Stylize with bright colors and wavy lines
Click here Jim Zuckerman's online folio
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Capturing, expanding, enhancing SCOTT STULBERG cover

SCOTT STULBERG is a world traveler who visits distant lands capturing stunning images for his own collection, commercial work as well as stock photography for Corbis and Getty Images among others. His works and writings have graced the pages of photo magazines including Shutterbug, and others. He's the co-author of The Digital Photographers New Guide To Photoshop Plug-ins, one of our favorite Photoshop books because he really takes Photoshop users on a superb tour of plug-ins to take full advantage of Photoshop'ss creative and technical potential.

using SnapArt

This wonderful comic book style treatment was accomplished with Snap Art plug-in, but Scott usually favors Exposure... he says:

"I make my own custom presets for Exposure and use them all of the time. Every one of my images gets Exposure…all of them."

Scott teaches digital photography and Photoshop at UCLA Extension, the Julia Dean Photography Workshops and , the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center. (Don't miss the Gallery there!) You'll find his work all over the place from books to greeting cards, calendars and magazines.
Click here See more at :, and read
Click here the Scott Stulberg Alien Skin case study

Jim White

The resident photographer

JIM WHITE is the Alien Skin resident in-house pro photographer, in charge of our tech support, as well as working in sales, and product development. Why would you not be surprised that Jim creates and produces Alien Skin's product video tutorials -- which are many and all spectacular! Jim also teaches photography and printing workshops with Tony Sweet as well as teaching online classes
      This image above used Exposure to convert the old Cooper’s BBQ building to Black & White. But you can find out all about the technique, and learn more at
Click here Jim White's Alien Skin case study

Robert Alvarado

High style portrait and fashion photo retouching

ROBERT ALVARADO has been doing pin-up type photography for the last 3 years. Why? Well, take one look at his gallery and you'll understand why. He seems to have taken the fine art of pinup photography to a whole new level! However, don't let that lead you astray. His portrait and other work is simply stunning in clarity and depth. It doesn't just come from the camera though. His retouching pushes the photographic envelope right to the edge of believability and beyond if need be. Fortunately he's in a location with great make up artists, hair stylists and, oh yes, the all-important element: stunning models. Does he use Alien Skin filters? You bet!

"After I have the image to my liking, the last thing I do is use Exposure 2. I like the grain film filters and usually use the Kodak Ektachrome EES, Fuji NPH 400, or Cross Processed Provia. I really just play around with each one till I get the effect I like. "

Take your significant other to Robert Alvarado and see what he can do for you! Seriously, folks -- what more can I say?

Hope you've enjoyed this little romp. You can see lots more visual inspiration and idea starters in the Alien Skin Case Studies library -- they have one for each product, like Exposure, BlowUp and Snap Art. And, you can tell them Fred sent you!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Editor / Publisher: 60-Second Window, DTG Magazine, the User Group News Network, and Photoshop Tips & Tricks


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