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[Editor's Note: Folks, some time ago we reported on Artlandia's sister product for Adobe Illustrator... now they sweep away the patterns field with Artlandia SymmetryShop for Photoshop! Click images for enlargements...

Artlandia SymmetryShop Pro Photoshop Patterns

spectacular patterns and textures come to Photoshop...

Artlandia, the originators of Artlandia SymmetryWorks, the ultimate pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, has released Artlandia SymmetryShop, a new plug-in that makes pattern design in Adobe Photoshop easy and fully automatic.

Floral Pattern

No more pattern tedium

Similar to its Illustrator counterpart, SymmetryShop relieves the designer from the tedium of manually creating repeat patterns, a painstaking task that involves thousands of precise geometric transformations that used to make interactive experimentation with patterns virtually impossible. Artlandia SymmetryWorks, which solved this problem in Adobe Illustrator, is now widely used for creating surface designs for wallpaper, fabrics, quilting, tilings, web pages, fine arts, and other applications.

Lilies pattern

Does in Photoshop what you had to do in Illustrator

With the release of the new plug-in, designers are no longer restricted to the use of Illustrator and can chose to create pattern designs in Photoshop, which has clear advantages for working with larger raster images, for example, sophisticated scanned hand-painted compositions or high-resolution photographs. As a tool for professional designers, SymmetryShop creates patterns of all seventeen symmetries and allows the designer to produce an even richer repertoire of popular repeat types with a single click. The built-in library includes drop, diamond, spot, grid, gradation, and scale repeats for the same broad range of applications. Once created, patterns can be instantly converted from one repeat type to another while pattern parameters can be interactively adjusted, either from within the plug-in or directly in Photoshop.


Unlimited creativity

The plug-in further allows for unlimited iterations and refinement, with the design process spanning multiple sessions, which is especially important in producing complex, real-life pattern designs. Going beyond patterns based on repeating a predefined geometric region of a source image, a technique that typically results in simplified or kaleidoscopic designs, SymmetryShop produces patterns from arbitrary selection, which brings about organic, interlocking patterns, with optionally smoothed-away boundaries. This makes the design process more natural and the designer more productive. The plug-in also gives the designer full control over the number of repeating tiles allowing the creation of border designs as well as surface patterns.

Artlandia Symmetry Shop for Photoshop SymmetryShop is compatible with all versions of Photoshop starting from 6 and later, including the latest releases of Photoshop CS2 (Photoshop 7 or later recommended). It is immediately available for Windows and Mac OS, see:

Artlandia SymmetryShop

We'll be back later to show you some of the fantastic things you can do with Artlandia SymmetryShop... in the mean time, check out their site if you ever need to make patterns in Photoshop!

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