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How to create hand-drawn frames

... like those I've seen

A inquiry referenced this Photo from the Starbucks sites, which changes to this photo when pages change. The reader is referring to the textured border at the top of the image.

A Quick Walk-through

filter resultsOpen the file you wish to generate a frame for. Command/A (ctrl/A) to select all.

Choose File > New File. The new file dialog should open pre-set to the size of the open file. Add enough extra pixels to provide room for your frame.

Use any of the selection tools to create the basic shape you want for your edge treatement (frame.) See: frame selection picture

With the selection active, click Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Palette. (Round circle with dotted-line border.) See: Layer Mask Applied

With the layer mask selected (double borders on the mask in the layers palette) choose Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur and set to an appropriate radius. See: Layer Mask Blurred

This will introduce grayscale pixels into the mask.

Now, applie what ever artistic filter you wish to the mask. Here, you see we've use the "Rough Pastel" filter. See: Filter: Rough Pastel sample

The results of that filter applied to the image would appear to now frame the image

Once your frame is the way you like it, you can begin dragging new images into the same file on their own layers. (Use the Move Tool to merely drag the new image into the file.)

Now, click the little chain link between the layer mask and the actual layer thumbnail, to release their relationship.

Then Command-click (ctrl/click) on the layer mask we previously created, (which makes an active selection from the mask) and then select the layer for the new image. See: Selected Mask

With the new image layer selected, click the Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Palette and voila... this new picture now has the same border / frame. See: Frame effect with different picture

If you're doing a series of these, make sure they're all the same size, and just keep adding.

Remember the key issues:

Visit the Desktop Publishing Jumpstation in the Publishers' Warehouse and you'll find a whole collection of pre-made frame masks which only have to be pasted into the layer mask. In the Publishers' Warehouse Photoshop department you'll find more links to frames and tutorials.


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