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In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.

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Photoshop (Upgrade) Madness

Photoshop MadnessYES, it's time again for Adobe to relieve you of some more money -- of course, you have lots left over after the holidays, right? It's "YAP" (Yet Another Photoshop upgrade) time ... and all the links that are fit to see are in this month's Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Photo Collage

Who can resist a photo of Santa and the kids? Well, to answer some Photoshop 911 questions about photo collage, Fred makes up a nice gag-gift holiday card putting grown kids on Santa's lap. Follow along as we use Photoshop for the Holidays

Watermarking in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements Many readers ask questions about automating various functions in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This short tutorial answers the frequent question about watermarking. It's easy, and we also provide a semi-automated trick for those who want added control over watermarking your files in Elements

Photoshop Holiday MadnessPhotoshop Madness

Photoshop MadnessOkay... so it's the holiday season and you're not really sure what to give the folks... or your friends... or the Pizza guy -- but if you've got Photoshop... mugshots, Caricatures, the Cucoloris ("Cookie") Effect, Mask Tutorial, Scaling Photos in Elements -- plus: Stupid Question of the Month, Pro of the Month, and Stupid Photoshop Web Pages all in Photoshop Holiday Madness

Feature: How would Andy Warhol do it

Andy Warhol StyleIn this 9-page, 50-image seminar tutorial, investigate the style of Andy Warhol and how to utilize art methodology and Adobe Photoshop CS2 to simulate Warhol's famouse portrait style for your own projects... the perfect gift is a portrait using Photoshop in the Andy Warhol style

Deke McClelland shows how to fix color cast in Photoshop

Fixing color cast in PhotoshopUsing photos in promotions? Taking photos at events and gatherings over the coming weeks? Chances are, you'll encounter the dreaded "color cast" problem. Thanks to Deke, now you'll know how to Fix Color Cast in Photoshop

Old-time Engraving Effect

enlarging photos with PhotoshopYou asked for it -- a plug-in filter for Photoshop that turns your picture into an ancient engraving, lithograph, pencil sketch, etc. Reader Svetlana Chernousova reviews this wonderful new plug-in from Alpha Plug-ins -- possibly one of the more useful filters you'll find, the Photoshop Engraver plugin

Creating textures and backgrounds

texturesIn this tips piece, the gurus at Spiral Graphics share their secrets at generating seamless textures. Even if you don't use Spiral's Genetica software, this information will prove important for anyone who makes textures... 5 Texture Tips: the key ingredients to great textures

Alien fixes photo faux pas

enlarging photos with PhotoshopCan you really enlarge digital photographs in Photoshop? As we've all been taught, you can always reduce a digital image with excellent results -- but what about enlarging one! Follow along and see the proof that you can save a low resolution photo for high-end printing as the Alien fixes this photo faux pas

Photoshop Patterns How-To

Artlandia PatternShopArtlandia experts share tips and tricks for creating patterns using Symmetry-Works -- it's easy to generate spectacular patterns for web or print use as native Photoshop files. Pattern Tiles in Photoshop!

August Photoshop Madness

August Photoshop Madness Stupid Photoshop Web Pages * Photoshop Pro of the Month: Nicolas Noben * Post processing * Another Missing Photoshop Guru * Photo Journalism Ethics * COOL STUFF: Vertus Fluid Mask * VIDEO tutorial: Saving Color Swatches * QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Torn Paper Edge Effects * Free Stuff and much more... in Photoshop Madness

Ink Outlines Filter in Photoshop

Ink outlinesSome Photoshop users just never get around to trying out the array of filters provided with the program. That's a shame. But follow along as Photoshop expert Roger Pring offers an interesting "drawn" line effect in combination with a background mottling that recalls the Sponge filter using Photoshop's Ink Outlines Filter

Realistic, complicated shadows in Photoshop

Shadows 20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball returns with another tutorial for building shadows -- creating a shadow for a more intricate object, then placing it into a landscape! Realistic, complicated shadows in Photoshop

July Photoshop (PHOTO) Madness

digital Photography Jerry Jividen is our "Guru" of the month, but we also have a Missing Photoshop Guru... also: Edit Photos on the FLY * VIDEO: Ancient Map Effect * What Film Photographers Already Know, with Ben Long * LightMachine Fixes NASTY * QUESTION OF THE MONTH * Free Stuff and much more... in Photoshop Madness

JULY Feature: Selective Coloring & Tonal Color Effects

Selective Coloring in Photoshop Mr. Tim Shelbourne is back, to once again share his Photoshop expertise with this wonderful colorizing tutorial -- just in time for the 4th of JULY! So many readers write to Photoshop 911 asking for a Selective Coloring tutorial

Using Photoshop to Whiten Teeth and Eyes

Barry Huggins on PhotoshopFollow along in this tutorial as Barry Huggins shows you not one, but three methods for whitening teeth... * use the Dodge tool; * method 2, the Screen method; and method 3, using Levels! Perk up those photos with Photoshop for whiter teeth and eyes!

Awesome Patterns in Photoshop

Artlandia PatternShopTime was that if you wanted to generate spectacular patterns for web or print use, you needed to go through the tedious process in Adobe Illustrator, then import into Photoshop. Artlandia now brings all that horse-power to your fingertips for generating quick, easy professional patterns in Photoshop!

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