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From the Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook...

Powder Pastels

with John Beardsworth

This recipe replaces the colors of the original image with powdery pastels. Apart from being great on its own, this recipe can be a great shortcut for hand-coloring an image.

STEP 1 - In the Layers palette, duplicate the original image layer by dragging the background layer onto the "Create a new" layer icon, or use Ctrl/Cmd-J.

STEP 2 - Using the pull-down blending mode menu in the Layers palette or the shortcut Alt/Opt-Shift-U, change the new layer's blending mode to Hue, and rename it "Hue."

STEP 3 - Invert the Hue layer using Ctrl/Cmd-I.

STEP 4 - Change the Hue layer's opacity to 50%. At this stage the image is almost grayscale.

STEP 5 - Duplicate the Hue layer and change the new layer's blending mode to Color Dodge using the shortcut Alt/Opt-Shift-D. Name the new layer "Color Dodge."

STEP 6 - Increase the Color Dodge layer's opacity to 100%.

STEP 7 - Apply a small amount of blur to the Color Dodge layer with Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Use a small radius -- 5 should be enough to emphasize edges within the picture.

STEP 8 - Use Ctrl/Cmd-J to duplicate the Color Dodge layer and set the new layer's blending mode to Pin Light using the shortcut Alt/Opt-Shift-Z; name it "Pin Light."

STEP 9 - Invert the new Pin Light layer using Ctrl/Cmd-I.

STEP 10 - Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or use Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-U to desaturate the Pin Light layer.

Subtle Color

Shadows and midtones turn grayscale, pure blues become yellows, reds come out cyan, and greens go lilac. (Enlarge)


* Pin Light -- Opacity: 100, Fill: 100
* Color Dodge -- Opacity: 100, Fill: 100
* Hue -- Opacity: 50, Fill: 100


Soft Color

As expected with this recipe, the dark wood behind these ceramics has become grayscale. (Enlarge)

soft color

* Pin Light -- Opacity: 100, Fill: 100
* Color Dodge -- Opacity: 100, Fill: 100
* Hue -- Opacity: 50, Fill: 100


It took a matter of minutes to create this hand-colored effect.
One Hue/Saturation layer saturated the colors, and another used the Color Range selection to create a mask, over which I added the sepia tone.


Using the recipe as a starting point, I used Select > Color Range to select the grayscale parts of this image. (Enlarge)

Now, let's continue with three more essential blending recipes...

Learn to blend layers like the pros...

cover Unlike Photoshop's built-in filters, blending modes don't change the actual pixels that make up an image, so their effects are completely reversible. There are over 20 blending modes in Photoshop CS2, which range from those which darken and lighten images (such as Darken, Multiply, Lighten, and Screen) to modes that increase contrast (such as Overlay and Hard Light) and adjust color (such as Hue, Color. Luminosity, and Saturation).

Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook is the only recipe-format book that covers blending modes specifically for digital photographers.

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