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JUNE, 2006

Photoshop Madness

Let's go surfing... Surf's Up -- summer break -- beaches, boardwalks, and some good, clean fun...
      Thank you all! Keep those cards and letters coming

SURFDoing the Curl

Page CurlThe "Curl" is a surfing term... and a term for turning part of an image up to reveal the back side...
      A lot of people have asked about getting a page-curl effect from Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Now, you can download a demo to test Page Curl... for free. AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.1 is a filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. that lets you not only bend the image, using two types of bending (curling and folding), but also texturize it (using the bump maps), orient it in 3D space. See it at:
* Download Windows: EXE 3.32 MB
* Download Mac: .BIN 2.84 MB

While you're there,
      also see: AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0. It doesn't do just puzzles, but a bunch of other cool stuff too.

Photoshop LinkTattoos in PhotoshopTattoo

So you're heading out for summer surfing -- but to look way too cool in those vacation photos, you'll need a tattoo...
      Tom Ledin sends in this Photoshop tutorial (w/pictorial) for building realistic looking tattoos in photoshop. Well, we thought this must be about the 1,800th "tatoo" tutorial that's been submitted, but this one has the best images we've seen yet. So we added it in. File this one under Retouching, glamour, enhancing, fake tattoos, tattoo in photoshop. Created by
Here's a sample! ... here's the tutorial

Photoshop LinkBoardwalk Movie Star

So what's a summer surfing party without a little boardwalk action? You've seen the photo booths where you get your picture put in a Star Trek or Time Magazine scene? Well, if you can get past all the Google ads on this page, you might enjoy this tutorial from Ana Fakin on using your pictures to create an illusion of being in a movie scene.
      This tutorial gives you a nice example in which a lady and a gentleman are transfered into a movie Troy. It's filed under General image editing from ... Heron Productions

Photoshop LinkFive Tips for Optimizing GIFs in Photoshop CS2cover

How do you choose whether to use JPEG or GIF format for those beautiful graphics for your Web pages? Tanya Staples explains when to select which format, and then shows how to get more bang for your buck by reducing the already skinny GIF file sizes to ultra-waif status.
Go: Read This Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for the Web Hands-On Training
These hands-on exercises teach you the latest techniques for designing Web graphics and animations. You'll learn how to optimize images, slice images, and create interactive rollovers. You'll also learn how to design effective navigation, including elements such as Web buttons, navigation bars, tabbed navigation, and iconic navigation. Plus, you'll learn techniques for integrating Adobe Illustrator, Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Dreamweaver with Photoshop into your workflow. Check it out

Photoshop LinkWhat is Depth of Field - Photography Basics

Depth of fieldAt some point all beginning photographers are confronted with certain technical aspects of photography that have them either burning up rolls of film, or loading up memory cards! Two in particular: Exposure (which will be addressed in a different article) and Depth of Field (or DOF) leave the newly shutterbug bitten novice shaking their head, wondering what they are doing wrong.
sergykal studios Blog
      Serge Batyrshin is a former US Army Soldier and Photographer/Multimedia Specialist -- now involved in his own photoblog originally launched to cover photo assignments in the field. You can read more about him in his NPPA Profile - posted on National Press Photographers Association Website

Photoshop LinkChecking Your Attitude Towards Photoshop

Ben LongAll the best gear in the world won't help you take good pictures if you don't know how to spot potential photos while you're out shooting. Unfortunately, learning how "to see" is not something that you can easily pick up from a book. It takes a peculiar kind of practice and discipline. It also takes a thorough understanding of what all your fancy gear and software is capable of.

Photoshop LinkVIDEO: The Shadow/Hightlight Tool

Sometimes it is necessary to make an image a little brighter. Sometimes it is necessary to make it a little darker. But what if you need to do both? Or what if you only need to brighten up a small portion of an image, perhaps where there are some dark shadows? In this tutorial, trainer Craig Campbell will show you how to use Photoshop's Shadow/Highlight tool to bring out the shadows and calm down the highlights all in one simple step.
Photoshop's Shadow/Highlight tool

Photoshop LinkWashed out Old Brick wallbricks

Rabyoung Thonden sends in this month's Photoshop tutorial (full w/pictorial) all about creating old age brick wall -- it is simple, especially when you don't have time to go around with a camera to find one. It is a nice way to create a backdrop, for film, posters and video games.
Call it the "Brick Wall" and
file it under Effects, tips, tricks,
Read: Brick Wall Tutorial

Photoshop LinkQUESTION OF THE MONTH: Don't let the camera do it

A reader writes with this problem:
 > i took a photo on my sony cyber shot camera 
 > and i added the effect "solarization" it was 
 > a great photo and now im regretting haveing 
 > experimented with the effects, ive been 
 > on photoshop trying to figure out if 
 > i can reverse this...
 > does anyone know if this is possible?

SORRY, it is NOT reversible. That's why it's always best to shoot digital photos either using the RAW format or the non-compressed Tif/JPG formats. Those formats capture as much of the image information as the camera is capable of so you get it all. Then you do your modifications and special effects in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements... keeping the original safe.

Photoshop LinkPTPerspective Photoshop Plugin

There may be well more user friendly tools for correcting perspective but PTPerspective, based on the legendary Panotools engine developed by Helmut Dersch and now available from Thomas Niemann at Paperpress, is a precise, free 16bit Photoshop plugin that is a handy addition to any photographer's toolbox - an oldie but a goodie!

Photoshop LinkWarning Dialogs

Dave Cross provides us with this chapter from his Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book -- all about warnings -- warnings you can use each and every day. Ready? First, don't ever stick a screwdriver into a light socket. Oh yeah, and don't put your finger in there either. Of course that's not the kind of warning you were hoping for, is it? I'm guessing that you're more interested in Photoshop warnings, aren't you? Okay, fine.
Warning Dialogs

Photoshop LinkFree Stuff: AV Bros.

AV Bros. Collector 1.0 (Free)This, completely free, script will help you quickly and easily collect various documents into a single Adobe Photoshop multi-layered document. (Each document is placed on a separate layer.)
Product Details - Download: Mac/Win (ZIP) 372 kB
AV Bros. Circumscriber 1.1 (Free)This script quickly and easily circumscribe a circle (as the selection) around either two (2) or three (3) specified points.
Product Details - Download: Mac/Win (ZIP *) 344 kB

Photoshop LinkWARNING: Photoshop PROS

There is a web page where Photoshop Pros can register to get recognition in this column. Lately however, we've been getting everything BUT Photoshop pros -- from nasty teen sites to online gambling casinos, everyone thinks they are a Photoshop Pro. But those low-lifes, we know how to deal with. For you Photoshop Pros out there who would register, you MUST fill out the form and provide the information it asks for. If you don't, your submission will be tossed in the bit bucket. DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME putting in your name and your web site address and nothing else. If you do, we know you're not a pro.Photoshop Link Real Photoshop Pros Register Here

Photoshop LinkOh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me

There are a number of ways you can get your favorite Photoshop resource mentioned in Photoshop Madness... visit our tutorial submission page (anonymous or not!) or just slip me a note at my contact page.

Photoshop LinkNext Month: July

Hope you enjoyed our "surfing" issue... if you didn't get your fill, then try this link and have a groovy time!
      We'd like to hear from you folks to see what kind of goodies YOU can come up with. Go here and send us your favorite tutorials! Remember everyone loves Photoshop Madness

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
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