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July, 2005

Photoshop Madness

This month there's so much happening in the Photoshop and Photoshop Elements world we thought we would share some of our incoming mail and contributions from friends and readers. If you'd like to suggest a cool Photoshop resource -- or be involved or spotlighted in an upcoming Photoshop Madness, just let us know.

Photoshop Pro Spotlight

Jarvis Grant is a photographic image-maker and educator with more than 30 years experience. He has been providing editorial, location, studio, digital, and educational photographic services to corporations, public service/arts organizations, magazines, and ad agencies in the Washington, DC area.

Jarvis writes:
      "For Photoshop 911, I can help troubleshoot technical problem with Photoshop as well as facilitate in bringing conceptual ideas or problem to resolution. My approach is to make digital imaging and design work smoothly and effortlessly, while producing a powerful visual statement."

Jarvis provides us with a glimpse of his unique work:
Moonrise - a composite of two images. The silhouettes where taken at sunset of the Washington, DC Metro. The orb was made within Photoshop.
Starchild Starchild is a birthday card made for my daughter's 24th birthday. A photograph of her at four was manipulated and composite with a homemade starfield.

Meet Jarvis and view his considerable portfolio at:

Guest Tutorials for Photoshop

Our guest tutorial this month features an easy Photoshop routine for converting color images to black and white images, called: "Making Black/White in Photoshop" sent in by Richard Schneider.

Al Ward's Excellent Layer Styles

Our friend Al Ward offers this free Stones and Wood Effects Layer Style Set for Photoshop CS -- (See Sample) Also see our article with Al "Type in your face" where he walks you through an extensive tutorial using layers and layer masks for a rather striking image. (More than 30 illustrations) Al is author of Photoshop for Right Brainers one of the Design Bookshelf's Editors picks as a "BEST" book.

Layer Styles: Metal Madness

The Metal Madness pack features two Photoshop layer styles to produce sleek and clean metal text, plus a Photoshop action that reveals the simple steps to make an equally simple metal bullet! Thank you PS-InDepth ... Download:

Cool Photoshop Brushes

Dave Seipp
      Obsidian DawnDave Seipp from Wireframe Design (Morley Leeds UK) provides us with this tutorial on lettering brushes as well as this collection of Lettering Brushes, featuring sixteen brushes made from various fonts. (Click here to download:

Stephanie Shimerdla is Obsidian Dawn
      Buzz over and visit "Obsidian Dawn" where you can download this collection of 22 brushes composed of various types of clouds. ( 711K) Thank you Stephanie Shimerdla, (at right) founder of the Obsidian Dawn web site.

Celtic Brushes

You can use these Celtic brushes for attractive borders, frames and textures for photographs and pictures. Brushes by SAGE. [Download: 165K, Picture Sample]

Matching Color

Last but not least, that Photoshop Guru Deke McClelland himself shares a video tutorial on matching color. (QuickTime users can view it directly:") See more about Deke's video tutorials at Deke's One-on-One, where you can also download more free training.

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