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AUGUST, 2006

Photoshop Madness

Where does all this stuff come from? I guess some of the 3-million Photoshop users like to see their names in print and on the screen. During July, we got more than 800 inquiries or posts to the Photoshop 911 site forms. Most are horrible... but some are real gems! That's whay we like to pass the good ones on to you.
      NOTICE: If you've submitted a tutorial, and have NOT seen your entry at the site or in the 'Madness' newsletter, don't despair -- we can't use all of them at a time, so your entry may yet appear. Stay tuned.

Stupid Photoshop Web Pages

You knew we couldn't go a month without mentioning all the pure garbage you'll find when searching for Photoshop stuff. And, you also should know by now that I'm not going to list any Stupid Photoshop Web Pages in this newsletter because you would probably click on the link and go there --- wondering why in the world Fred would list such a stupid photoshop web page!
      The ones I can't understand are those which put a single Photoshop step in a complicated process on it's own single page surrounded by ads and other superfluous visual junk. Obviously those supposed "pros" aren't really interested in sharing -- but rather riding the Photoshop wave to increase their revenue -- while not really offering anything very substantial. We get multiple dozens each month. Dream on. I'm not going to pad your coffers.
All I can say is:
      If you haven't got good, clean, meaningful content to share, then don't send it.

Photoshop Link Photoshop Pro of the Month


Nicolas Noben sent in this Photoshop tutorial (full w/pictorial) but while we were browsing his site we found an extraordinary collection of images in addition to tutorials. The best part is Nicolas is a serious artisan, and has virtually nothing in the site or the blog that is not functioning and essential. BRAVO, Nicolas!
. . . here's his tutorial:

Post processing: Digital Black and White to be like Film

Nicolas says:
      Simply desaturating a photograph doesn't really represent a true black & white film photo. The film has more impact, more puch and more life. A digital photo converted to black & white just doesn't cut it, it doesn't look real. Although it's impossible to represent digitally what the chemicals and the paper do to a black and white image (not to mention the film), we can get fairly close to something like a TRI-X 400 film once we understand what's happening with the film. This easy post-processing tutorial gives a way to do so.
Topic = Retouching, glamour, enhancing, post processing, black and white, film, digital, contrast
Nicolas Noben is a Rich Internet Applications (RIA) developer and designer working in the fields of Flash development, UI graphic design, PHP and Perl -- but his biggest passion is photography.
Stunning black and white images: Valiant and Paris Two
visit his extraordinary collection of images at

Photoshop LinkMissing Photoshop Guru

Well, on the tail of last month's Missing Photoshop Guru, we get yet another!
Photoshop Olympics
This was sent in by someone who left no name and a broken email address...
we have no idea who did these or where they came from -- but thought they were pretty swell. If you know of the person who did these, please let us know so proper credit can be given.
Making the Olympics More Interesting

Photoshop LinkPhoto Journalism Ethics

My brother, Joe Showker, ITRT-Instructional Technology Resource Specialist for Rockingham County Schools points out this little tidbit about "cheating" in photo journalism photos by the media. This link goes to "Right & Left" web site showing the patched effect on a photo of bombing in Beirut by Reuters -- the story first broken by the Little Green Footballs Blog. In my DTG newsletter this month, I address several inquiries about Ethics in Photojournalism, regarding one of my 60-Second Windows articles.
I'm always shocked at such blatant practices and encourage everyone to read
#168 Ethics in Digital Photography.
(Note: both Yahoo and Reuters have removed links and images, so these stories may not last long online.)

Photoshop Link COOL STUFF: Vertus Fluid Mask

Nicola Parsonage tips us on a new product from Vertus. It's called Fluid Mask 2.0, and it does a pretty swell job of delecate masking. Now, it's available for Windows and Mac.
... in a nutshell, here's what it does:

The best way to experience it is to view these Flash videos:
1. Edge Overlays and 2. Masking difficult edges like hair

Photoshop Link VIDEO tutorial: Saving Color Swatches

Meagan sends in this new Photoshop video tutorial on Saving Color Swatches. She sez:
      When designing a web layout or some other type of design layout, you will often need to use some of the same colors over and over again. In this video, you'll learn how to add color swatches to your Swatches pallette, save your current set of color swatches, and load a set that you've already saved.
Topic = Color, palettes, correction color, swatch, swatches, pallette
Author =

Photoshop Link QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Photoshop Frames

framesA Photoshop Madness reader writes:
      "I need to create a similar torn edge effect. It was created for a photo previously and now I need to use the effect on a current photo for a new project. The effect is applied to the first photo on the page and the second photo is the one which is needing the edge effect applied."

But Joe... you have everything you need!
So, here's a tutorial not necessarily for this specific problem, but one all Photoshop users should keep in mind.

When faced with a problem, ask "What elements do I already have?" and "How can I utilize what I've got to get me where I want to go?"
Now go read the tutorial

Photoshop Link Help, I'm Lost

Jos´┐Ż from Lisbon Portugal sez:
"Something with civilizational importance with thousands of anatograms. The Iknies are allready known by many"
Can anyone tell me what he's talking about?

Photoshop LinkWARNING: Photoshop PROS

You are letting the scalpers give you a bad reputation! There is a web page where Photoshop Pros can register to get recognition in this column. Lately however, we've been getting everything BUT Photoshop pros. You are encouraged to register, but you MUST fill out the form and provide the information it asks for.
Photoshop Link Real Photoshop Pros Register Here

Photoshop LinkOh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me

There are a number of ways you can get your favorite Photoshop resource mentioned in Photoshop Madness... visit our tutorial submission page (anonymous or not!) or just slip me a note at my contact page.

Photoshop LinkNext Month: AUGUST

Now, let's hear what you've learned, what books you like, and the best Photoshop learning experience you've had -- POST YOUR EXPERIENCES
      We'd like to hear from you folks to see what kind of goodies YOU can come up with. Go here and send us your favorite tutorials! Remember everyone loves Photoshop Madness

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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