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Holidays, 2006

Photoshop Holiday Madness

Photoshop Holiday MadnessOkay... so it's the holiday season and you're not really sure what to give the folks... or your friends... or the Pizza guy -- but if you've got Photoshop, and at least a little bit of talent, you can make some really cherished gifts in just moments. For the really important recipients, you can even frame your masterpiece.

Now, here's a trick to "slim down" your friend before snapping the all-important digital photo...Use clamps to tighten things up.

Well... I'm not really sure what Paul Chepikian had in mind, but his Photoshopping suggests a visual treat. Isn't this just the sort of thing your sister would like to have for a gift? Well, maybe not. But you get the idea.Mug Shot with Photoshop

Frank sent us this full-fledged Photoshop tutorial that will lead you to a great photo-gift for someone you love... use yourself in the photo ... or a photo of them...

Photoshop Link Create a realistic mugshot of someone

Have you ever wanted to toughen up your image? Give yourself a mysterious, bad-guy past? How about giving someone else a mysterious, bad guy past?
Here's how we create a just-been-photographed-by-the-cops-after-beating-up-5-guys-in-a-bar mugshot. Under: Retouching, glamour, enhancing Make A Mugshot

Photoshop LinkFunny Caricatures

Photoshop effect So, Frank could'nt leave well enough alone with the Mug Shot bit, so he included a second Photoshop tutorial you may like better! Of course you probably don't want to use a shot of George Bush for this one -- unless you're one of those democrats.

Frank sez:
      The new collins concise English dictionary: "Caricature n. 1. a pictorial, written or acted representation of a person, which exaggerates his or her characteristic traits for comic effect."
      I like the sound of that. Caricatures these days are normally of famous political leaders, sportsmen and stupid actors, usually after you've done something, well, stupid. Someone once said that they were the common man's way of getting their own back. In this tutorial we're going to learn how to create a caricature.. (For: color, palettes, correction see:

Photoshop Link Stupid Question of the Month: Removing Watermarks???

I chuckle when I get questions like this -- because they really illustrate what the computer and software like Photoshop have done to today's society. Just ask any Photoshop guru: "It's just a few clicks, right?"

Terk from California using Photoshop 7.0 under Windows XP writes:

 > I have a jpg with text written over part of the picture
 > I was wondering if there was anyway that I could get rid 
 > of the text and still have the picture underneath it 
 > without having to manually draw in the picture

LOL... I realize many of you think I'm really good... but seriously folks. I'm NOT really THAT good. And, if I could do that, do you actually think I'd share it in a free column? Think of all the watermarks I could remove!

Sorry, Terk. There's no kind of magic that will do that for you. At least none that we've heard of.

Photoshop LinkPhotoshop Gift Idea: Cucoloris ("Cookie") Effect

Our good friend Karen Bain sent this great photo effect idea and full Photoshop tutorial (full video)

the cookie effect
Karen says:
      A cucoloris (or "cookie") is a metal sheet with patterns cut out of it, intended to cast patterned shadows on the background (and often the subject) of a photograph. In this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you how to achieve the same effect in Photoshop.
File this one under Cookie, Effect, Effects, tips, tricks, it's from the folks at Watch & Learn Photoshop dot com.

Photoshop LinkBest Mask Tutorial yet...

All of you who have been afraid of Photoshop Layer Masks, listen up. Vrya brings you the best and most fun masks tutorial we've seen yet...

Vrya sez:
      Masks in Photoshop have a rep as complex and scary, fit only for truly advanced users. And yes, they are somewhat complex, in a sense that they are powerful and versatile. But they're really not scary or particularly difficult to use, you just have to understand the basic concept.

Photoshop Link Photoshop Pro of the Month

Pro of the Month

I love Vrya's art, and her tutorials because she's obviously okay with herself, competent, proficient, and probably employed. There are NO Google ads or other screen-spam associated with the tutorials. Ahhhhhh... a breath of fresh air in the world of Photoshop Tutorials...

Vrya says:
      In the past few years I've become rather a computer junky, and I love being creative with my new found technical skills. Hence my choice of "synthesis" (combining a bunch of things - images, sounds, thoughts, etc - to make something new) as the word to build the site around. ("Tangled" just reflects what a mess my mind is)

Amazingly, Vrya admits:
      I used Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for all my collages. Some day I hope to upgrade to a newer version, but meanwhile PS5 still has plenty of features I haven't learned to use yet, so I'm not complaining (too much!) I'm mostly self-taught, from tutorials available on the web

I'd say she is doing pretty well... check out the site at:

Photoshop 911: Scaling Photos in PS Elements 2.0

Ryan writes in from New Hampshire to say he's using Windows XP and PS Elements 2.0 to print some very small versions of rather large photos.

He says:

 > I'm having problems with a loss of quality when I 
 > scale an image down.  I'm trying to scale large 
 > photographs down to about 10% orignal size and the 
 > quality suffers.  Very pixelated when I print.  
 > Even on a less drastic scale factor the quality suffers.

resample Here's an idea, Ryan about changing the resolution... making it higher, until the size matches the size you wish to print. If you do that, I guarantee they won't be pixelated. (A common mistake is to confuse sizing by resolution with scaling to size.)

Go to Image > Resize > Image Size >

In the resulting dialog, turn OFF the "Resample" button, then change the resolution to a higher number. Maybe double or tripple what it is now. Watch the dimensions of the image and see if they don't come close to the size you want to print.

Photoshop LinkIT'S OVER: Photoshop PROS

Of sixty odd submissions to the Photoshop Pro online form, 48 of them were various enhancement or adult forms spammers, and the people who sincerely posted didn't complete the form, leave links or sample thumbnails. Obviously there are no "pros" reading this column or posting to Photoshop 911. I'm taking the form DOWN.

Photoshop LinkOkay, the bad news

Actually this is pretty mad... at least it makes me pretty mad. Back when Adobe first announced the "suite" I predicted this would happen. Now 3-million Photoshop users have to learn it the hard way -- with cold, hard, cash. I got the "upgrade" mailer to upgrade. But are these really upgrades to all the programs or just to Acrobat 8? And are the upgrades really worth close to $600? Time will tell. Besides, it shouldn't matter to me, right? I'm making so much off all your subscription fees it shouldn't bother.

Photoshop LinkOkay, the GOOD news

Here's a plug-in for creating seamless textures within Adobe PhotoShop and for creating high resolution images from low resolution sources using advanced image synthesis algorithms. imageSynth plugin is included FREE with every purchase of modo. imageSynth for Photoshop users

Photoshop LinkStupid Photoshop Web Pages

You should read my column last month in the UGN Safenet. It explains why you get those horrible ad spam web pages 90% of the time you're searching for a decent Photoshop tutorial. The Domain Kiters have ruined Google, and will soon ruin the entire internet if someone doesn't stop them. See: Phishing for ICANN

Photoshop LinkOh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me

There are a number of ways you can get your favorite Photoshop resource mentioned in Photoshop Madness... visit our tutorial submission page (anonymous or not!) or just slip me a note at my contact page.


Now, let's hear what you've learned, what books you like, and the best Photoshop learning experience you've had -- POST YOUR EXPERIENCES
      We'd like to hear from you folks to see what kind of goodies YOU can come up with. Go here and send us your favorite tutorials! Remember everyone loves Photoshop Madness

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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