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JULY, 2006

Photoshop Madness

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, summer fun taking photographs
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Photoshop Link Photoshop Pro of the Month


Jerry Jividen sends us this photo, just right for JULY Madness, from his studio in Ohio. Jerry uses a Macintosh, Photoshop, Painter, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Aperture in his activities as professional photograper, artist and teacher. We thought his Portrait and Journalistic Photo-Documentary, retouching work merits a mention in PS Madness! He teaches Photoshop courses from beginning to advanced levels -- and you can visit his studios at

Photoshop LinkMissing Photoshop GuruPhotoshop Tennis

They asked me if I sent these photos -- but I could not lay claim to them. It would seem, someone uploaded these striking Photoshop makeovers to the Photoshop-Folio Photoshop Tennis web site, but did not let anyone know who, where, what, when or why. All they said was: "I made these for the Photoshop Folio site" and signed with a false email address! ... We thought they were pretty swell and know you will enjoy these photos

Photoshop LinkEdit Photos on the FLY

My brother, Joe Showker, ITRT-Instructional Technology Resource Specialist for Rockingham County Schools passes along this pretty cool idea. It's being used by social network users for photos, but why not use it for other purposes as well...

Photoshop LinkVIDEO: Ancient Map Effect- Video Tutorial

Of course to present your travel photos, you'll need a map, right? Photoshop is an amazing graphics program, and with it, you can create some very photorealistic graphics. In this tutorial, for example, you will learn how to create an antique map with holes and burned edges. This tutorial would also be great for creating antique hand-written letters.
Ancient Map Effect- Video Tutorial

Photoshop LinkWhat Film Photographers Already Know

Ben long on taking pictures
Ben LongBy Ben Long, is back, talking about taking pictures...
Digital cameras have tossed many novices into the deep end of the photographic pool, with the result that learning how to shoot good pictures has been a sink-or-swim affair. Few have grounded their digital knowledge in traditional film basics, like lens length and light metering. It's time to catch up.

Photoshop LinkLightMachine Fixes those NASTY situations

The Plugin Site has released the MacOS X version of LightMachine, a plugin for performing all kinds of light adjustments in photos. It combines shadow/highlight, virtual lighting and color-based correction tools for performing sophisticated corrections without the need for time-consuming selections and layer stacks.
Light Machine
It lets you selectively correct photos taken under bad light conditions or with inadequate camera settings and achieve results that rival photos taken under the best circumstances. LightMachine works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, Painter, Canvas and Fireworks. Fix those NASTY images

Photoshop LinkQUESTION OF THE MONTH: Getting a round photo

A reader from New Jersey writes with this problem:
 > I've been teaching myself photoshop and I would 
 > like to know how do I put a image into 
 > a circular shape?

Whoa... why not send us an easy one! Only kidding
Option (alt) Click on the Marquee tool and see that you've got a round icon in the tool box. Now, CLICK and drag in your image area to form the circular selection you'd like to put the image into. From here you have any number of options.
1) Copy the image from another file, then use EDIT > Paste INTO to paste the selection into your circular selection.
Colin Smith Tutorial 2) Choose SELECT > Inverse Selection, and then fill the selection with BLACK. (Tap the "D" key to set default colors, then hit Option (alt) Delete to fill the selection) This black field with a circular 'hole' is now a "matt" or "frame" for the photo. Go and get the photo and drag it into the file. Move the "matt" layer above the photo layer and you're home. The nice thing about this is you can use the Move tool (Tap "V") to move the photo around behind the matt to achieve the best crop.
There are 600 other things you can do at this point -- sorry, not room for them here.
SEE: Image Into Type, or this wonderful tutorial by Colin Smith
Placing a person inside a picture... OR, this extensive
PDF tutorial on SELECTIONS...
for some further learning on the subject.

Photoshop LinkWARNING: Photoshop PROS

There is a web page where Photoshop Pros can register to get recognition in this column. Lately however, we've been getting everything BUT Photoshop pros -- from nasty teen sites to online gambling casinos, everyone thinks they are a Photoshop Pro. But those low-lifes, we know how to deal with. For you Photoshop Pros out there who would register, you MUST fill out the form and provide the information it asks for. If you don't, your submission will be tossed in the bit bucket. DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME putting in your name and your web site address and nothing else. If you do, we know you're not a pro.
Photoshop Link Real Photoshop Pros Register Here

Photoshop LinkOh Pleeeze, Photoshop Me

There are a number of ways you can get your favorite Photoshop resource mentioned in Photoshop Madness... visit our tutorial submission page (anonymous or not!) or just slip me a note at my contact page.

Photoshop LinkNext Month: AUGUST

Now, let's hear what you've learned, what books you like, and the best Photoshop learning experience you've had -- POST YOUR EXPERIENCES
      We'd like to hear from you folks to see what kind of goodies YOU can come up with. Go here and send us your favorite tutorials! Remember everyone loves Photoshop Madness

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