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          It's a jungle out there...

So, here we are, in the holiday mood -- and with umpteen-millions of tutorials out there, it's just too tiring to try and find a decent one. I was tipped to a tut site the other day that sounded like it had potential -- but each and every tutorial spans four or five pages, just to deliver a single page of content, because they put a Google AD block between each step. Why are these people so stupid to think someone who comes to their site for a tutorial is going to click on an ad before reading the next step? Well, you know they really don't think that way. What they actually do is steal someone else's tutorial, and put it in the site just to drive traffic to the Google ads -- hoping you'll accidentally click on one of the ads. But there is hope... we have managed to find some cool stuff for your holiday photoshopping.

Photoshop CS4 TricksPS CS4 Content aware Image Resizing

Thanks to Alex Walker and the SitePoint Design View newsletter, you can have some valuable information mixed with the rude advertising. His latest tricks will convince you that CS4 is a doable upgrade.

Content Aware Image Resizing
      This means when you scale the Photoshop image, one-way, rather than squeezing everything, the important element stays proportional. How cool is that?

Alex then gives a real-world demo of click and drag image Levels control. In the dialog, you can click on a specific part of the image you would like to brighten or darken and drag. Check it out.

But really, go and read Alex' whole article in the
CLICK Sitepoint Newsletter, issue #52

Sue's Assorted Patterns

Talking about free stuff, Sue has some Free Pattern Sets for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (That's Sue Chastain at and while we don't like because of their stalker cookies, there are some admirable freebies there. Download this as a teaser. You'll also find some pretty cool free layer styles are compatible with Photoshop CS or higher, and Photoshop Elements 3 or higher, created by John Woods and others.
CLICK Silver Metallic Layer Styles by Shelby Kate Schmitz - preview; or
CLICK Gold Layer Styles by Shelby Kate Schmitz preview, or
CLICK Silver Bevel Layer Styles by John Woods
CLICK Sue's own puffy lettering styles: preview, or
Thank you Sue

Holiday picture frames

FREE Photoshop Christmas Frame Templates
Mike Warren is in the Photoshop actions business, and sells some pretty awesome actions for ten bucks each. But he does offer some holiday frames in Hi-Res 300 ppi Set of 6 Photoshop Templates designed for printing 4" X 6", 5" X 7" and 8" X 10" in Portrait or Landscape -- you can change the insert each year. The slideshow starts here. Mike has 54 galleries and 1591 images online in his site
CLICK assortment of frames

Mike Warren Photos paintings watercolor oils from photos
Mike also has some rather extensive actions sets -- unfortunately you have to pay to play. However, you usually get what you pay for, and these look pretty sophisticated. For instance, his Photoshop Watercolor Painter - Pro Series allows you to create a very realistic Watercolor Painting by hand painting the image back over a Pencil Base using a Graphics Tablet. There's also a good painting action (shown above)
CLICK Check out Mike Warren's Photo Actions

Camxso Christmas Shapes

So many people have emailed and wanted these Christmas Shapes to be compatible with PSP, so I've made a .psd file with each individual shape on a transparent layer for you to make shapes with PSP. Enjoy! Camxso(also find some cool brushes and patterns here )
CLICK preview; download
CLICK preview or

Leaf brushes
Photoshop Brushes - Leaves
Over in the BIT BOX I found this pretty nice set of Hi-Res Photoshop Brushs that look like leaves. Hmmmm pretty cool. There are 10 brushes in the set, and most of them are 2500px in size. Enjoy.
CLICK screen, or click

Spoonflower Printed fabric
Photoshop Phabric (fabric)
This is also a killer resource for crafts or the promotional minded -- create images worthy to wear, and have the images printed to fabric. Somewhere in Mebane, North Carolina, you'll find Stephen Fraser, Internet marketing geek, and his wife Kim, who suggested it would be really cool to print your own fabric. Thus the Spoonflower company was born and the rest is history. What ever image you create, you can put it on fabric to make quilts, clothes, pillows, dolls, blankets, handbags, framed textile art and what ever else you can dream up. Slip covers for my yacht! Check out their photo gallery, and
CLICK check out Spoonflower fabric printing

Putting a face on ... M&M'S

Personalized M&M'S chocolate candies?. Are you kidding me? No my friends, I am not kidding you. And while this really has nothing to do with Photoshop -- it's a very cool way to get your Photoshopped image to the masses... well, at least to someone.

Personalized MM'S chocolate candies

MY M&M'S are a great way to customize your wedding favors, birthday party, or give as a creative gift. Personalize your candy with your choice of color and a personal message. Who would have guessed? Hey, this is NOT an ad. I received a gift with "Fred Pushing 60" on M&M's and thought I'd pass it along.
CLICK Personalized M&M'S chocolate candies

220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Photoshop Layer Styles are the easiest way to speed up the design process. We have no idea who designed these because there's no "about" page on the site -- called "Deziner Folio"
CLICK preview, or download Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Here we go again ...

While we're always on the lookout for great free stuff for Photoshop, 9 out of 10 sites are replicator sites which lead to other replicator sites and you never actually find anything worth getting. Then there are some who sneak the "free" word into their keywords, and when you arrive there you find out they're actually for sale. One recent site just put the simple type saying "We're sorry but the free Photoshop templates are no longer available... but we'll be happy to create them for you."

obligatory gratuitous graphic

Well, we then ran across the site and figured it was the same again -- but even though last modified back in 2007, there are some cool things to be downloaded. These Photoshop goodies are provided courtesy of Graphicxtras (formally Sapphire Innovations) ... check out these Free Brushes; Free Shapes; Free Gradients; Free Styles and free Patterns
We liked the free shapes -- what an assortment. This is just one of 15 different galleries you can
CLICK download at FreePhotoshop

Adobe Creative Suite 4: what will it cost?

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Okay, here you go! It's that time again, and it's going to cost $$$. Since most of our readers already one or another version of Adobe® Creative Suite® here's what it will cost you to upgrade to CS4. We're also showing Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac, and Adobe Elements 7 for Windows because they may be viable alternatives. You may as well go ahead and buy now. You know you won't have any money after the holidays! ($499 times 3-million is how much? I'm not a math person!)
CLICK Read them and weep

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