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How many? Just how many people have sent email in the last year wanting help with Photoshop? Between all our contact forms, and the Photoshop 911 Forum, the total is just short of ten thousand. That's the number 1, and a zero, followed by three more zeros. Amazingly enough, more than 25% of the inquiries asked about Photoshop v6 or v7. Is that amazing? And, so long as you're counting, all but 5% asked about either CS or CS2.

So as we speak, the Adobe February discount on CS4 is about to end -- have you upgraded? Is it worth the upgrade? Some say yes. Some say no. But do you really want to be caught behind the Adobe version blockade -- and pay much more when you do decide to upgrade to CS5 or 6 or what ever they call it next? If you need that upgrade, the go get it. There's the link, right there in the next column.

Speaking of numbers, our tutorials submitted in the past month are all over the spectrum. I'm going to list some of the best ones, but man -- the tutorial cartels have exploded. Yesterday I visited no fewer than 32 web sites, all based on WordPress, all listing the very same tutorials -- right down to nearly the same wording -- all with the same advertisers. They're getting as bad as porno and clip-art sites, and it is truly a jungle out there!

Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection

We're having a great time discovering a new crop of freebies -- the Optic Verve Labs site has rolled out their new plug-in for creating amazing effects -- which also improve your skills.

Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection

You can find this one to download at

Inkpot Free Photoshop Plug-ins

Free Plugins from the Ink Pot

Little Ink Pot brings you a couple of tricky little free plugins. You can adjust photos with one, and detect edges with the other. Ink Pot says:

As always these are quality products created for their usefulness to digital image creators of all levels.

Xpose (above) is an exposure adjustment plugin. It was written to offer quick adjustment of highlights and shadows
The Thredgeholder (below) plugin is the little brother to Thredgeholder Pro, providing edge detection that's simple to use but highly effective.

Free Photoshop Plug-ins   Inkpot

Chalkaholic (above) renders chalk and charcoal type effects with artistic panache and flair. Get these uniquely effective artistic rendering options at:

Free Photoshop Plug-ins from  Mehdi

Mehdi duz Fur

This one is totally off the wall -- Mehdi calls it "Fur" but it does some seriously fun stuff with little circles and strips. Each figure can be filled according to two modes: Solid: The figure is filled with a single color and/or 180 deg: Image source content is kept; but rotation of 180 degrees around the figure's center is performed.
CLICK Mehdi "Fur" (
CLICK ALSO see: Blots and Gradient Smithy

Stitching a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Stitching photos is not as easy as you think. And it's surely not automated unless the Adobe Creative Team is doing it. Of course, THEN, it's easy! They say:

With Adobe Photoshop you can stitch images together in a panorama. This excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book shows the process of creating two photographic souvenirs by combining images. In this exercise, you stitch images together in a panorama. Then you'll add a border with lettering to complete the poster.

Free Photoshop Tutorial for CS4 Panorama

Excerpted from the Photoshop CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques book by David Karlins (who also happened to write the Adobe Illustrator CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques), BOTH of which we highly recommend! This and many other tips are covered in Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas' wonderful Visual QuickStart Guide Photoshop CS4 for Windows and Macintosh
CLICK Stitching a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Improving your Waterfall Photos

Matt Kloskowski provides us with some tips on video -- this one is really fun... makes me want to go out looking for a waterfall to take pictures of. Matt writes:

Here's a technique I've been using for a while to improve photos that have flowing water in them (mostly waterfalls, though). It uses some blur filters to smooth out the water if you weren't able to achieve that silky water effect in the camera. However, there was always one small area where I thought the technique could use a little something extra and, after experimenting for a while, I've come up with a good solution. Let's take a look.

Or, if you don't want to watch it here, you can download it as a QuickTime .mov file : (12.5 MB)

- Photoshop Tutorial Hell

Photoshop Tutorial Hell

You actually think that's my title -- and it very well could be -- but no, it's from the "Abducted by Design" blog invented by Fabio Sasso, a graphic/web designer from somewhere in Brazil. Fabio sez:

A few days ago I took sometime to try some tutorials. My idea was to create a 3D text with fire coming from the inside of the document like a hole.

... and Fabio even includes the downloadable work file! CLICK hell-tutorial-photoshop

Photoshop madnessWhat Photoshop Madness have you encountered?

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