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Let the image build the mask...

The Channel Mixer layer is the foundation of the mask, but the contrast can be even stronger. In the next step, we'll experiment with additional blending modes to increase the effect.

4. To create a new layer and merge all visible layers up, select Layer > New > Layer or (Cmd + Option + Shift + N) [Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N], followed by (Option) [Alt] Layer > Merge Visible (Cmd + Option + Shift + E) [Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E].

5. To increase the contrast, change the blending mode to Screen (figure 8.20), which will further accentuate the difference between the people and the background. Of course when you try this technique on your own images, a different blending mode may be more effective.

figure 8.20 Using multiple layers and experimenting with blending modes is an effective method for building contrast.

6. To make the entire background black and the people white, add a new layer and select areas of the image background with either the Lasso or Marquee tool (figure 8.21). Select Edit > Fill > Use Black to fill the selected area with black (Option + Delete) [Alt + Delete]. Continue selecting and filling with black, making sure that you don't select any hair or clothing.

Isolating the background
figure 8.21 Select the background area and fill with black.

TIP: Speeding up Selections To speed up the selecting and filling with black, press d to reset the Color picker to black and white and use
(Option + Delete) [Alt + Delete] to fill with the foreground color.

7. Select the inside of the mother and child with the Lasso tool. Try not to get too close to the edge of the hair (figure 8.22). Press x to switch the foreground color to white and (Option + Delete) [Alt + Delete] to fill the selected area with white (figure 8.23).

figure 8.22 When making the selection, stay away from important edge detail.

8. To create a new layer and merge all visible layers up, (Cmd + Option + Shift + N) [Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N], followed by (Cmd + Option + Shift + E) [Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E].

figure 8.23 Select the insides of the people and fill with white.

TIP: For the "add new layer and merge all visible layers up" technique to work, it is very important that the top-most layer in the layer stack is active before you add the new layer.

Most of the work is done, but now we need to be a bit more careful as we blend between the filled areas and the fine-detail areas with the Dodge, Burn, and Paint Brush tools.

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