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Photoshop Vector Paths & pen tool tutorials

  1. Taters (My Jane)
    This site showed how to retouch a photograph using Photoshop 6-7. The tutorial explained that by using new adjustment layers and patching and healing photos, you can make them look clearer and cleaner all by changing and manupulating colors and contrasts. The use of the patch tool and the healing tool become very important when changing the presentation of the photograph, because they tweak the appearance and better the project. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Janee. This link was submitted by: F, posted on 10/6/2003
  2. Adobe Photoshop - Retouching Images
    This site gives simplified directions on how to retouch images in photoshop. Although there arent many pictures to illustrate the directions, they keep them simple enough to follow with out the need for illustrations.Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: This link was submitted by: DM, posted on 10/6/2003
  3. Cartoon from real photo
    This site teaches how to take a photograph of a Mini Cooper and make an accurately proportioned cartoon version. I thought that it was interesting that when they made a path around they car, they used all straight lines. Only after they had completed the path did they add curves. They started by making a path along the outside of the car onto a separate layer. They added more layers each with new parts of the car (hood, hubs, windows...etc) until there was enough detail to make a good cartoon picture. I thought the added highlights were a nice final touch. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Darrell Heath. This link was submitted by: O, posted on 10/6/2003
  4. VTC
    This website gives you some of the tutorials that come in a disc set. This website is good because it allows to watch some of the tutorials, (though not all) as a video. Since it doesn't have all of the tutorials available it's not the best for certain things, but what it does have available are tutorials for most of the selection tools, and a lot of basic intructions on how to do techniques. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Virtual Training Company. This link was submitted by: SS, posted on 10/6/2003
  5. PS7: retouching color correction levels palette (PDF)
    This PDF gives a very clear, step by step list of instructions to explain photo retouching techniques and new uses tools. The instructions are accompanied by photo illustrations or how-to visuals for the user. (Downloadable PDF file) Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Bates college information and library services training. This link was submitted by: MC, posted on 10/6/2003
  6. Mac Tips
    It is not a simple task to fully master the pen tool in Photoshop or Illustrator, especailly when making paths. The hardest thing about it is recognizing the differences between the various pens and what each symbol means the pen can do. Anchor points and handles are a whole different story. I liked this site because it spells out for the reader the different symbols and their meanings. The pictures are quite helpful as well, they are similar to the "cheat sheet" maps we used in class when drawing paths. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: John McDonald/ Huntsville Macintosh Users Group. This link was submitted by: CA, posted on 10/6/2003
  7. Multihead FX
    This page is first an introduction of the pen tool, with a bunch of deinitions. Then you go to the full tutorial, which teaches you how exactley to use the pen tool. It seemed like a pretty useful sight, it was interesting to look through. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Eric England. This link was submitted by: MO, posted on 10/6/2003
  8. Power Tips for Photoshop (Vector Graphics)
    Even though this website was for photoshop 6, the tools and explaination was pretty much exactly like photoshop 7. It was just an simple page describing the purposes of vectors and their usages. All of the tools and fuctions of the pen tool in the simplest form was explained. None of the keyboard tools (using the command or option key were discussed) just what the symbols and functions are. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: -Thomas Clark. This link was submitted by: GG, posted on 10/6/2003
  9. Using Paths
    This web site discussed how to use the path tool. It is easy to follow and showed many different options and ideas on how to approach the problems. I would recommend it and use again. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Mike Doughty. This link was submitted by: M, posted on 10/6/2003
  10. What are Masks
    This website has many different links to tutorials for photoshop. It has a brief page about masks, and what the purpose of them is and how to use them in different ways. It talks about things like ruby lith, and why you use it , etc. Departments/Topics: Photoshop Tutorial Report and -- Site content author: Extropia. This link was submitted by: HS, posted on 10/6/2003
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