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Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center

Everyone we’ve talked to about the new XENOFEX filters from Alien Skin simply say: “I love these filters!!!!” Joe Kling says:
“Some of these effects used to take hours, if not days, to create... if they could even be produced at all.!”

We thought Alien Skin Software’s Eye Candy filter set was the best thing since sliced bread, XENOFEX takes another giant leap into easy, high-quality image manipulation.
. . . Xenofex 1.0 is a collection of 16 inspirational special effects for Photoshop and other graphics programs. (...outstanding with Microfrontier’s new ColorIT 4!) The filters in Xenofex include many of the most sought-after and time-consuming effects requested by image-smiths everywhere.

Let’s take a look:

Although Alien doesn’t qualify these filters, they seem to fall into three distinct catagories: 1) modifications to images using what’s there; 2) modifications to images by adding filter generated elements, and 3) filters that generate from scratch!

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center

Shake and bake... the “Baked Earth” filter introduces a mix of generated elements and image modification. This example is a no-brainer. But using the size and frequency adjustments can produce stunning results. As with most of the filters, lighting sources, surface treatements and shadow depth adjustments can produce anything from actual baked earth to some stunning antiquing effects or interesting mozaic “pebble” effects using low size settings.

Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center

Constellation effect was used on our basketball player (left) in a way it was not intended to be used, however produces a wonderful stipple effect. Lots of control and variations here.

On the right side you see the Crumple effect used to make the photo look as if printed on high-rag, hand-made paper. Crumple does what it says. Crumples!

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