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Xenofex from Alien Skin - Photoshop Tips & Tricks - in the Design & Publishing Center Flags through the Shower Door... (left) come together here to modify our loan cowboy at sunset. The Flag filter is one of the most innovative filters we’ve seen and will convert any image to a waving flag. Variations allow you to manipulate the shape and ‘waves’ of the flag. Turned sideways it could become a hanging towell! We took our flag and added the Shower Door filter, generating that nice disturbed surface texture.

Alien Skin XENOFEX -- Photoshop Tips & Tricks in The Design & Publishing Center Electrify, and Lightning, filters can be used separately or in concert. Here (left) we’ve created lots of bolts of electricity branching out from the edges of the selected cowboy. One large central lightning bolt was added through the middle using “Lightning” -- both filters infinately adjustable.

Lightning can also be used to generate cracks by simply specifying a dark bolt color rather than white. Super!
.. . Finally our photo takes on a highly textured feeling with the Origami filter. (above left) Origami allows you to set the fold size so that it looks like the image is actually made from folded paper. Nice. In this example we kept the folds set very small.
.. . All of these effects were a matter of simply sliding adjustment sliders, or keying in numbers. We recommend experimenting with the settings by first jumping to 100%, then 50%, then 25% and so forth. By keying in numbers you can judge the effect in a trackable amount. Sometimes a single digit produces drastic changes. It’s really neat.

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