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DT&G - AUGUST 2002, Vol. 10, #8 -- all platforms -
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Fred Showker, Editor, Publisher, copyright 2002, All rights reserved.

NOTE: extra large issue this month. May take a few extra moments to download

  1. &Editor - Our August theme is Web Design with two important tutorials.
  2. What to do with all those graphics files: Databasing Media
  3. Technique: Optimizing Web Graphic (PS/ PS Elements)
  4. Letters: Is there a real need for optimization
  5. &Type! Photoshop Type Effects: with Roger Pring
  6. 60-Seconds #146: Ten important questions about your web site
  7. &Else Design News includes: *nothing but fun stuff this moth . . Need a little learning? * iVillage cuts out pop-up ads from new format * Add Voting to your site * New Search Engine? * Creative idea source: Puppets * Another real idea starter * Advertising Age covers the Century * Just for laughs * Help with Public Relations * Been ripped off? and many more at the &Else web page

  8. There are more ELSE items in the news department at the &Else web page

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