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Date: March, 1997

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eb designers and developers who believe in the principles of building Spam-Free web sites can now show their colors with the ANTI-SPAM ANTI-BLINK and ANTI-BANNER Logos available free from The Design & Publishing Center

For Immediate Release:

The Design & Publishing Center in cooperation with The Publishers'Warehouse, has posted Anti-Spam Anti-Blink and Anti-Banner logos for web developers and designers who believe that spamming their visitors is something they would rather not do.

Many site developers today agree that peppering their sites with ads and banners, particularly animated banners are doing a disservice to their readers. Many have committed to be non-spam sites, and we feel they deserve to proudly display their convictions.

The logos are available in both GIF and EPS formats, so they may be configured to work with the web masters' graphics platform. The images are freely downloadable from the Publishers'Warehouse, in The Design Center.

This is a public service project, sponsored in whole by the members and participants in The Internet Design & Publishing Center.

The logos may be downloaded at:

If you or your WebMaster runs a Spam-Free web site, you may want to request a review and ratification for the
Good Webkeeping Seal of Approval

send mail to:
Subject Line: No SPAM
Message: WebMaster Name, email address and URL

A Background Document is part of this press release.

Contact: Fred Showker --
Phone/Fax: 540-433-8402

(c) 1997, The Design & Publishing Center

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