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This use of the term "SPAM" stands for unsolicited commercial email (UCE), screen spam, blinking banners, or other commercial visual pollution which does not relate to the subject matter, and which attempts to lure you away from the content of the page you came for.

Why a Spam-Free

(Design, Type & Graphics) was one of the original ezines, established in the late '80s for desktop publishers and designers who embraced the electronic world of visual communications.

The mission, in part, was to provide communications with attendees of various design workshops hosted by DGEF, Multicom and Macworld. When the web came into being, Fred Showker established The Design & Publishing Center. He was among the first to begin web design workshops, and purvey his 25+ years of design and publishing experience to designers and nondesigners alike.

"We conduct web design research on a daily basis, and through our makeover clinics, and mentor programs we come in contact with hundreds of average web users."
comments Showker,
"It's a sobering experience to watch a classroom of 7th graders agonizing over their attempts to utilize the web -- and their true disappointment in the difficulties they face because of today's "new" web design."

Showker advocates "Sensible Web Design" because the majority of users are still not power-savvy, and most still have 15-inch monitors, and slow 28.8 modem connections. Many residential and school users still access the net at 14.4. All are primarily interested in seeing information.

"Spam has become so prevalent at many sites that the average user spends a substantial amount of online time downloading ads. There are better ways to promote, advertise, and provide revenue for web sites, that won't actually drive viewers away."

Showker continues, "One recent classroom experience saw middle school kids attempting to access a 'hobby' oriented website. There were so many ad banners and unnecessary animated graphics on the page, that it never finished loading -- the cursor never allowed the users to click on desired links. This is not only a disparagement to the visitor, but a true betrayal of the advertiser as well!"

One user was heard to comment:
"I guess that's why they're
called 'killer' web sites!"

"In another episode, one disenchanted classroom spent the entire class period downloading a single page from an educational site. There were no ads, however the background and initial graphic topped 187K, and they were accessing at 14.4. The site was intended for middle school and high school users."

The Design & Publishing Center is committed to the concept that the web is good. The challenges and obligations of building favorable experiences for web visitors rests squarly in the hands of designers and developers.

"We want to help people get the most out of the web, and provide positive experiences for web visitors, by promoting the good uses of technology, rather than its abuse."

If you run a Spam-Free web site, you may want to request a review and ratification for the Good Webkeeping Seal of Approval

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