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In 1988, Fred Showker began distributing clip art and other content beneficial to the (then) blooming desktop publishing field. His first disk was published in 1985 as "The Poor Man's Publisher" which consisted of MacPaint files and MacDraw publishing templates for the infant Macintosh computer community. These predated the desktop publishing software days -- and with the advent of Ready,Set,Go, PageMaker and Adobe's new vector drawing program called "Illustrator" Showker began distributing templates and clip art in those formats.

Teaching workshops and seminars for DGEF, InHouse Graphics and other training brokers, Showker began DTG Magazine in order to follow up and answer questions for past workshop attendees. These free clip and template files became part of the "Publishers Warehouse" as a benefit to those who subscribed to DTG Magazine.

As Compuserve, Delphi, GEnie, America Online and eWorld became popular online communities, DTG and the Publishers Warehouse migrated to those. With the advent of Netscape and the early Internet "graphical interface" browsers, DTG and the Publishers Warehouse became a household word on the nets. At the time, it was a paid subscription -- but in the mid 1990s it became free to all DTG subscribers -- as it is today.

THE LOADING DOCK where all the goodies are

Where in the World is the LOADING DOCK?

The Publishers Warehouse loading dock changes location each month. So the link never lasts longer than that month's DTG issue. Subscribers to DTG are given the password to visit and scoop up the new stuff that appears at the loading dock each month.

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Hope you enjoy everything you find in the Publishers Warehouse. If you have suggestions, or questions, don't hesitate contacting me!

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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