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Thoughts on Computing's Past

These two articles reach back to the dawn of the computing years, before the internet, and still ring true today.

What is DT&G?

DT&G stands for "design, type and graphics." It can also mean "Desktop Graphics" if you prefer. David Pogue of Macworld magazine calls it "Delicous Tips from the Guru!"

How will it benefit you?

DT&G touches on many different topics that are of particular interest to those in desktop publishing, design, marketing, or business in general. We are a reader-driven publication. Most of the items which will appear in DT&G are real-life questions and problems from readers, or folks who have attended any of our workshops, make-over clinics or seminars.

Please take advantage of everything we have to offer.
      It will only help you in your daily activities. Please also take advantage of all the opportunities that exist in the online community. Ask questions, offer feedback, and contribute your ideas and opinions. We're here for you, and we're all here for each other.

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