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People Fonts

This must be the year for 'people' fonts -- at least every other foundry we visited has a new "people" font -- aside from a proliferation of all kinds of icon and picture fonts.

Kapitza People Outline Font

One of the better 'people' fonts we've seen comes from KAPITZA, a new font foundry founded by sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza, set up in London specialising in dingbat and pictographic fonts. Kapitza's new font is called East End.

East End People Font

East End is a set of 3 fonts depicting life in the East End of London. The 3 fonts show the vide variety of cultural backgrounds of people living and working in this area. All illustrations are based on photographs taken on location over a period of time. The photographs are then hand traced to create outlines. (Font Sample)

We liked this one because its an image font comprising the silhouettes of people that have been drawn very accurately. Unlike many of the other people fonts which are merely scanned from clip art sheets, this one is carefully vectored. You can blow up the characters quite large and they require very little retouching.

East End, Mac or PC format, costs Euro 22, and you can order from KAPITZA

Stylized People Font

Frau Jenson took a little different approach to a "people font" and created people doing everyday things as a collection of pictograms. (A pictogram or pictograph is a symbol representing an concept, object, activity, place and event by illustration. Pictography is a form of writing whereby ideas are transmitted through drawing. It is the basis of cuneiform and hieroglyphs. Read more.)

Frau Jenson People Pictogram Font

FJ People is a collection of more than 70 pictograms featuring all sorts of people doing everyday things -- some ordinary, some not so ordinary. A series of "rain" poses presents the pictogram standing under an umbrella. Cool.

Frau Jenson studied Illustration and Communication design at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg. In the typography classes of Jovica Veljovic she 'got infected by the typevirus'. In 1999 she digitized 'Marathon', a hot metal typeface originally designed by Rudolf Koch

See a Sample of FJ People, or download the PDF Sample brochure, or check it out at the P22 Foundry

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