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When I realized this is actually the 12th year we've been holding the annual Fall Fonts Festival, I decided to do a little wandering on the web. I went here and there for almost an entire afternoon of research. Now, I invite you to come along and enjoy some interesting, weird, whacky, cool and entertaining places I visited on my Type Tour...

[*] WIN THE MUG - take the The typography in Logos Quizz, and send me the results -- if you're RIGHT, you'll be in the running to win one of our 12th Annual Fonts Festival Mugs

[*] Special Download: Alphabet Book
      Someone sent us this PDF file, and the email address they left behind was dead. However, I just had to pass it along to you, because it is one of the important pieces on contemporary typography I've seen in a while. Here's just one of the pages of this wonderful PDF. If you should know who created this, or where it came from, please let me know. (Download it now. alphabetbook.zip during October, 2006 ONLY!)

[*] Brass Typography?
      They're fun, and offer a touch of luxury... Here's a sample of some pretty classy type... from cut-metal-letters.com ... or check out these letters of highly polished bronze from baybronze.com

[*] Where the letters were
      music graphicOne famous graphic designer once said : "It's what you don't say that's important" ... we agree 100%, but this T-Shirt designer took that rule as gospel and produced this wonderful graphic!

What's important here is that it really gives some creative ideas to anyone handy at collage work. Hmmmmm... what you don't say? You don't say? (By the way, you can buy the shirt at MusicWear.com

[*] Grandma Typography?
      Cats and dogs and furry things... Find these wonderful Initial Letters from British Children's Annuals at Grandma's Graphics . Wile you're there, drop in on the Famous Illustrator page for some season appropriate fun!

[*] School Fonts
school letters
With these fonts, you don't have to be a teacher to have some fun! SchoolFonts.com Letters work within any standard application, and contain full character sets. Have fun at www.schoolfonts.com... while you're there, check out this collection of picture fonts for Windows and Mac!

[*] Soap Typography?
      Sure... soap, candy or cake icing, or candles, or just about anything else you can pour into these interesting letter molds. ALL molds are 8" X 10"and are only $1.99 each at CandylandCrafts.com

[*] Dutch Chocolate Typography
      chocolate typographyOoooooo Chocolate typography! The only thing better than a beautifully set piece of typography is one made of chocolate that you can eat! At the St. Nicholas Center you can get wonderful ideas of typography that you can eat. A custom of edible letters goes back to Germanic times when, at birth, children were given a runic letter, made of bread--as a symbol of good fortune. Convent schools in the Middle Ages used bread letters to teach the alphabet. When the letter was learned and could be written well, a pupil could eat up the bread letter. During the 16th and 17th centuries pastry letters were captured Dutch Masters' still-lifes. These were probably filled with almond paste, much like today's letterbanket. But at the St. Nicholas Center you get glorious Dutch Chocolate typography! Mmmmmmmm

[*] Sweet Typography
      Better yet, go to Sugarcraft and get the molds to make your own delicious, sweet typography!

[*] Kid Typography
      kids lettersNow here's an idea... while these letters are a really neat toy for kids, imagine the cool typography you could create by setting up words then taking a picture? Wow. The little letters alphabet puzzle includes all the abc letters and their accompanying words fit into a snug wooden box ... from littleamerica.co.jp What fun.

[*] ART Typography
      Visit the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell and see how some students have used some rather unusual typography that spells A_R_T.

[*] Toys with Tiny Typography
      I quite often get letters from readers looking for lettering decals. Of course, you remember those water-release decals you used to put on your toys? Well visit Bedlam Creations where you can purchase all kinds of water-release decals of alphabets in sizes as small as 5/32! Here's an extreme blowup

[*] Big Bold Bodacious Type
      3d lettersSometimes you just need big letters. Your office could use some of these for a wall mural. Your kids would love them on their bedroom ceiling. Play with them, build with them... sell them to clients! There is a world of letter styles and materials waiting for you at LettersAndSigns.com in plastic, metal, wood, and even bronze or lighted. This is great fun!

[*] Get out the old sketchpad
      I have no idea how I stumbled on this one, but here's a web directory chuck-full of all kinds of irreverent, outrageous, and sometimes rude lettering and drawings created by PunchThroat.com Graphics (When clicking the links in the directory, use the "open in new window" function of your browser)

[*] Shaving off typography...
      WOW... imagine this. Take your razor and shave away the typography. That's what John Holt did in this awesome photograph simply called Razor Letters. Visit John's studio for a host of other visual treats!

[*] PaintingPaint your Letters
      You've heard the expression "paint your wagon" ... well at the Darlington Speedway, they say "Paint your letters"

Or... how about:
[*] Some really tall typography on the street, or
[*] Huge, rusty typography on the street, or
[*] Pillow typography for the kids, or
[*] Typography you can't read, but is very cool to look at, or
[*] Go ahead and SEND YOURS IN

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