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Welcome to the 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Each year I like to take a little surf around the world and find cool type, fonts, and typography content to share. Follow along ... I guarantee a good time...

Luc Devroye says:
      "Please do not visit this disappointing web site. Most of the links are dead: they die faster than I can renew them, and there is nothing I can do about it!"
... when referring to his own typography library.

We have to agree. It's really too bad when authors you thought were serious let their links go down. I just got finished a three day nightmare trying to upgrade or fix broken links in previous Fonts Fest pages. It's impossible. Half the links have gone to the hijackers or "Domain Kiters" who put the domain back up with nothing but Google AdSense link farms. It should be illegal. For instance, go to : www.apostrophiclab.com but do NOT click on anything. We recognized this site last year for cool free fonts and Blade Pro plug-ins. Now it's nothing but a spam site. It's tragic.

Then, imagine my shock to find ALL of the P22 links gone dead! Hello? I contacted them, knowing full well the site wasn't down. But do you think they would help me update the bad links? The answer was "Oh, we changed servers." Which is really not an excuse. Some web programmer geek must have come along way after the famous mantra of web developers:
      "You know your site sucks...
      if you let links go dead!"

Well, I did manage to fix a lot of them.

Here's to you, Luc Devroye

Luc Devroye -- fellow in broken-link-hell -- professor at School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
      Luc is a real trooper -- and has been amassing one of the most comprehensive library archives on type and typography on the web. (Broken links and all) I've followed the site for ages. It's probably one of the highest content ratio sites anywhere without a single ad or unnecessary bit of coding. Make it a bookmark:


fonts fest font unfortunate event

This year's official Festival Font is An Unfortunate Event, created by Kevin Wilson. Congratulations Kevin. Kevin has designed a host of fonts, many are free fonts: Wonka Bar, Catwoman, Shrek. He's famous for a number of 'movie' fonts like , Gremlins (Win), Ghostbusters (Win), and our favorite, the Unfortunate Events Font (Win/zip or Mac/sit)

Kevin's fonts are represented on the Urban Fonts site -- which has unfortunately gone over to the dark side with pop-behind stalker windows. I almost hate to give them a link. But for payback, take a look at their library of

The Typofile

Daniel Will Harris is Typophile What fonts fest is complete without mentioning Daniel Will-Harris? I go way back with Daniel; used to correspond via email back in the day -- but haven't heard too much from him lately. He's too busy being funny, thoughtful and busy producing good stuff.
      You'll want to visit his LOGOS page for a thrilling creative shot-in-the-arm, and be sure to bookmark his "Esperfonto" page where you can get help selecting the appropriate font for your next project!
... will-harris.com

Peter Gabor's excellent typography sitePeter Gabor's Typography Portfolio

Another star in the skys of typography is Peter Gabor. His excellent typography site is a must see -- even if you can't read French. Here's just one example of the superb graphics you'll see there -- this one from Peter's portfolio. Obviously, Peter also loves to photograph books. Here's a collection of spreads from a symbols and trademarks book. And his Tribute to Herb Lubalin is not to be missed. (By the way, if there are any translators out there, I'd certainly appreciate getting someone to translate this for us. I contacted Peter, but he does not respond.)
... www.typogabor.com

TypographicaStephen coles

Stephen ColesStephen Coles is a relatively recent celebrity on the typography scene, but he's created a tone of good typography vibes... See his favorite type faces, and his Emigre Pall Mall Font.

Stephen's wonderful blog, created in December of 2001, Typographica, is the work of himself and partner Joshua Lurie-Terrell from Oakland California. The two set about producing a journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design. We think they've done a superb job -- you may want to add them to your RSS feed:
... typographica.org

Handwriting Fonts

People quite frequently request "handwriting" fonts. Well, at Alexander Walter's web site you can order your own custom handwriting font made in TrueType, PostScript Type 1, and/or LaserJet bitmapped formats -- for just $99.

custom handwriting fonts
If you've ever developed a font, you know that's a song! Your font can be either cursive (connected script) or printing -- any way you like it. You will also get a randomizer program that will make printed output look more natural. Check out Alex's "Samples" page to see the diversity of fonts he has created for people.
Alexander Walter Handwriting Fonts

Annie Vega is Addicted to Type

Annie de la Vega's wonderful font Addicted to Type was our second choice for the 'official' 13th annual fonts fest. You know she has an addiction to type by just checking out some of her other fonts... you can download for free. Her "Annie" font is our favorite. (Win / mac) Here, take a look at several others including "Alcohole" -- most of her fonts are available for easy download at urbanfonts.com

THIS ARTICLE WILL CONTINUE... check back soon!

  2007 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival


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But there's more...

All of our fonts this month are either shareware or freeware and, as usual, can be downloaded through the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock or by visiting the web pages of the font creators. Most include a Read-Me file that tells more about the font and provides licensing info for the font's use and/or shareware contribution.

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