2007 Fall Fonts Festival
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2007 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Thirteen is your lucky number...

After overcoming the shock of a 12th year (last year) I was faced with "13" and what to do. Because of the superstition surrounding the number "13" many will simply omit that number. Like many hotels don't have a 13th floor. But I'm not really a superstitious person so I'll turn it around and declare the 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival to be GOOD luck, not bad.

TO CELEBRATE, we've used the "official" font to create the traditional collectors' mug, and t-shirt design -- which you can either purchase, or win by contributing to DTG through the end of the year!
ALERT Available at CafePress
ALERT Detailed view of the official design
ALERT Detailed view of the souvenir collector's mugs
ALERT Detailed view of the souvenir collector's t-shirts
ALERT For details, see the Festival Sign-up page.
ALERT WIN the INDIE FONTS collection, or shirts, mugs, etc., by NAMING THE FONTS

Alex White: Design's Function & Typography

Alex White The leading expert on graphic design and typography, Alex White, shares words of wisdom on the function of design and how typography can be the most difficult component of the designer's tool box... A challenge for designers

Typographic Craftsmanship

Typography We continue with an example from Alex White's latest book Advertising Design & Typography that demonstrates how the level of craftsmanship is magnified in display type. A superb example from Herb Lubalin gives us an undeniable lesson in Typographic Craftsmanship

Headline Design Tips & Tricks Tutorial

Fred Showker If you've been following our series on typography, hopefully you've already digested Alex White's Design's Function & Typography article and it's continued pages. I launch off that article, with the help of visual & editorial communications expert Ronnie Lipton, to investigate some powerful exercises for Designing Headline & Display Type

Advertising Design and Typography

Advertising Design and TypographyIf you think advertising design has lost its impact and gone flat, you're right. What graphic designers need today is a good juice in the arm to start thinking again and get to the powers of visual dynamics. Well, thank goodness, the Alex White is here to give you that juice in Advertising Design and Typography

Humanist Sans Serif: What is it?

David Bergsland Typography expert David Bergsland introduces you to the beauty and utility of a good Humanist sans-serif type face -- along with examples and comparison chart. PLUS: a special offer to buy two for about the price of one... Humanist Sans: what it is and why you need at least one!

What's My Font?

GeorgeAuthor and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- with some rants, pet peeves, and favorite type faces -- and why (along with picture samples) as a continuation of last month's article. You can even download a whimsical font recommended by George in ... What's My Font

The Canadian (Type) Connection

Canada Type Digital type design firm Canada Type joins the festival this year with lots of new font packages for Mac and PC, including some very cool retro fonts and specialty titling fonts; all from the penmanship of Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari who call themselves Canada Type

2007 Type Fonts from P22

Underground P22 is one of the most prolific and prestigious foundries in the world, and this year was a bumper... from calligraphic Matador to medieval Vale and King's Fount to the Art Deco Obelysk Grotesk, and the extensive revival of Edward Johnston's Underground ... Go P22

Creating Typography with Character

Maggie Macnab Special guest author and designer, Maggie Macnab takes a look at today's typography. She provides some thought provoking insights into taking the right approach when designing with typefaces. See samples from some of todays graphic design authorities -- so you can learn how to create Typography with Character

13th Annual Fonts Surf

Fred Showker Each year we search the web for beneficial, informative, crazy, cool, valuable, or otherwise interesting web sites and resources revolving around the world of fonts, type and typography. This year, we've found some doozies! Follow along as Fred surfs for type, fonts and typography

Lessons in Typography & Style

lettering style lessons There are valuable lessons to be learned from the golden age of commercial art... and the label art for fruit and vegetable crates. Follow along, as we take a look at some stunning Americana style art, and Learn some important lessons in Type and Lettering

Outlining Type: Right or Wrong:

Photoshop TutorialIf you read the Photoshop Madness listed above, then you'll understand what we're doing here. This tutorial points out the wrong and right ways to outline shapes, like typography, in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Outlining Type: What's Right or Wrong

Editor's Choice: Indie Fonts 3

fonts festival 13 in DTG Magazine The Fonts event of the year... Indie Fonts 3rd edition, featuring lavishly illustrated samplings of thousands of fonts, and FREE fonts on CD-Rom from 59 participating font and type designers. This is one must-have book for all graphic designers... Indie Fonts 3

Type & Typography according to George

GeorgeAuthor and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- talks about one of his long time passions, type and typography -- he shares some of his favorite fonts and hard-learned tips on making a better newsletter... My Typography Demo

Type & Typography in motion: Typographics

Fonts Fest ContentWhat happens when you put typography together with cinematography? Some really special visuals, that's what! Witness this student film created by Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich at Vancouver Film School. Then take a video tour of some of our other favorite Type & Typography in motion

Spotlight: Blue Vinyl Fonts

Visit the Blue Vinyl font foundry where JESS LATHAM's freeware and commercial fonts are sure to please! You'll also like his picture and dingbat fonts to add a little punch to your graphic designs... Blue Vinyl font foundry

Ornaments & Quilting Patterns

Gallo Fonts Outline them, shade them, texturize them, or just use them to decorate design projects with the classic lithography look. Gerald Gallo brings three new dingbats fonts for religious and oriental themes, and some unique elements for building Dutch / Amish quilting patterns Gallo Holy Ornaments, Oriental Symbols and Quilt Patterns

But there's more...

All of our fonts this month are either shareware or freeware and, as usual, can be downloaded through the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock or by visiting the web pages of the font creators. Most include a Read-Me file that tells more about the font and provides licensing info for the font's use and/or shareware contribution.

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We always invite you to share your favorite freeware or shareware fonts for the DTG readers. Got comments or suggestions? Just give us a shout.

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