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If there's anything in the computer design world that you can rely on, thats fonts and type sites and resources proliferate almost as quickly as clip art or hookers at the race track! Please let me know if any of the links go dead, or if you've had your own personal experience. We'd sure love to hear from you! Here's where you can sound off

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Font ExplorerFont Explorer

Here's one of those resources you shouldn't leave home without ... Windows and Mac users can organize fonts just like media files - using a library, folders, tags and even smart sets.
You want direct access to all typefaces from a certain foundry? All italics? Or all fonts tagged with a certain keyword? FontExplorer X makes this easy!
      All fonts and formats are recognized automatically and can be managed in a comfortable way. You decide whether FontExplorer X should take control over the folder structure, or if you want to leave it untouched -- this software is as unobtrusive as possible.
FONTS Check it out, it's a FREE download from Linotype.com


Her passions are Web, Writing and Graphism! The word graphism is not defined in any dictionary, but it refers to the "expression of thought in material symbols" -- one might expect her to be a seasoned graphic artist. To our surprised delight, we discovered that our expectations are not necessarily always true. Jessica (known as Jellyka Nerevan, or Jey) in Quebec, Canada is 16 years old. She's been doing graphic arts and web sites since she was twelve.
jellyka handwriting
Jey's fonts, although few, are truly inspired. Her Jellyca Script (sample) is not only instantly fresh, but imparts a voice reminiscent of many hand scripts of the masters. Yet, at the same time, the wild abandon is such that characterizes the very young -- what a perfect combination. Delving into her web site you'll see some spectacular typographical treatments in the graphics and banners -- testament that she's a budding typographic master -- and Photoshop brushes! Above all you must see Jellyka Nerevan fonts. Download the jellyka-estrya handwriting font from
FONTS website Cuttyfruty.com

Pruning Excess Fonts in Mac OS X

Chuck WegerChuck Weger from Creative Pro has some good advice on pruning your fonts in OS X. Managing your font libraries is a multi-step process. The first of these was knowing where to look. The second, covered here, is getting rid of duplicates and stashing them in places where they can do no harm. OS X-transition consultant Chuck Weger shows you how.
      His first "Font Fatigue" column, he identified six font locations in Mac OS X. In reality, there can be more. So you can see how quickly fonts becomes a problem. Read more at ...
FONTS Creativepro.com

DaFont and Andrew Hart

Web graphics Andrew Hart is a twenty-something font designer with a marked propensity toward the unusual. Andrew says: "When I have the patience, I make da fonts."
      Visit Andrew's site, dirt2.com, where you'll also find a ton of cool stuff from some unique and lively web graphics (as seen at left), to MySpace Layouts, to an unusual array of Photoshop Brushes. (Watch out though, the site has some spam embedded, including the "Free" iPod and iPhone scams!) His fonts are located at DaFont.com

The nice feature of the site is you can set a few words, then as you browse the library you see your words used for the font samples. Very cool if you're looking for a particular look for the specific words.
FONTS Check out DaFont.com

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