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Fonts & Typography Surf for Treasures

I said before that free clip art and free fonts sites are like hookers at the race track! Unfortunately the greedy hunger for paltry affiliate pennies has driven the font site population on the web as close to porno sites as you can get without showing flesh.

If you're surfing for free fonts, then turn off your cookies, clear your cache and be very careful what you click on. Several of the freeby sites even has those obnoxious "Free iPod" audio ads which blast out of the speaker as soon as you arrive! They say you've "Won a Free Apple iPod" but beware: our research convinced us that these are a scam to get your email address and personal data -- to my knowledge no one has ever gotten one of those free items they tout.

With little pleasure, you have to take a LOT of misery. This is why I advocate using the authentic font sites that construct reliable, high-quality fonts. Through these pages, I'll share what I've found. Over in the Publishers' Warehouse DTP Jumpstation, I'll list the least offensive of the "FREE" font sites. But remember: "You'll get what you pay for."

Please let me know if any of the links go dead, or if you've had your own personal experience. We'd sure love to hear from you! Here's where you can sound off

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10 Awesome typewriter fonts for web designers

Antonion Antonio Lupetti is an Engineer in Rome, but also calls himself a Pro Blogger, Mac user, Musician, Web Addicted. This is a list of his preferred Typewriter fonts. Some of these fonts are very popular. He includes a link to download each font and sometimes suggests how you might use them.
FONTS 10 Awesome typewriter fonts

handwritten fonts

He also has a nice list of 10 Handwritten fonts you can't miss



Free Grungy Font Resource - Finding quality and unique free fonts is quite a task. You could do worse than check out this collection by Eduardo Recife of Brazil... (also contains commercial fonts) but first, check out the collection of freeware fonts!. We liked: Astonished, Broken 15 and Disgusting Behavior
      At Eduardo's site you'll also find a very interesting collection of photos, and some downloadable free Photoshop brushes
FONTS Misprintedtype.com

abstract type

Abstract Type Substance's Oscar Goldman uses original photography and a little Photoshop layering to create hand-crafted, traditional typography that's strikingly fused with computer-based portraits from the cyber age

When asked to produce a tutorial based on the techniques I have developed while working at Substance, my immediate response was to develop a tutorial that had a strong bias towards "organic design". After all, too many illustrators these days produce glossy fashion-orientated images.
This is really some swell stuff...
FONTS Abstract Type tutorial page

Type in Motion

Type in motion Clusta Design Consultancy shows how type can be used to add meaning to a short Flash video
      This tutorial explains how we went about combining text, imagery, graphics and video footage to produce this short for Create-Online magazine. The video was used as the intro to the magazine's covermounted CD-ROM.
FONTS Type in motion tutorial page


Ryoichi Tsunekawa: Flat-it foundry

Ryoichi Tsunekawa operates the Flat-it foundry in Nagoya, Japan and produces some strikingly unusual fonts. His works are innovative and creative, and he seems to have a good handle on predicting the trend. His freewares include the Pusab font; the Blackout font, and others found at the author's web site, and commercial fonts, he's got several dozen outstanding ones by entering "Flat-it" into this Font Search
FONTS Get the freebies at : flat-it.com/freewares

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