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Fonts & Typography Surf for Treasures #3

Here we are
Who would have thought this game, this flame would still be burning
Who would have guessed that all these blenders would still be churning
Not even we on our bended knees could have ever blessed it
Not even I with my head in the sky could have ever guessed it

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Let's continue . . .

politicians fonts and typography
What font says 'Change'?

We agree with some of the opinions, and do not agree with others... then there are those we agreed with before we decided not to agree with them. My name is Fred Showker, and I approve this message...

Type designers Sam Berlow and Cyrus Highsmith decode the typography of the presidential candidates, saying:
      TYPOGRAPHY CAN subtly or boldly define a company, product, or person. Whether it is Best Buy's big, bold, screaming signs or the sweet, elegant script on a wine label, the type talks to us, the reader. The logos of the presidential candidates are no exception.
NOTE From the www.boston.com site.

Type Women

Mix typography with women and what do you get?
Matt Sutter of Inkfinger created this awesome set "Typewomen," entirely out of type!
Each Typewoman is created entirely with type (letters, punctuation, ligatures) in the typeface of their namesake and sit atop a pattern created with the same. Represented are Baskerville, Helvetica Neue, Bernhard Modern and Avenir. The Typewomen prints are all screen-printed in the basement of Niff and Sutter. Niff, (Jennifer Nicholls an illustrator) and Sutter, (Matt Sutter an animator/designer) in Philadelphia. They will sell you prints for $20 each! This is wonderful! (See larger version) They are available at
NOTE Inkfinger's store

Sarah ColemanThe search for Sarah Coleman

I ran across this image and was fascinated by the divine insight that was revealed in its creation. I thought "this is a must for this year's fonts surf!" Little did I know the search would take me to the ends of the earth. Well, the internet anyway.
      Who is Sarah Coleman? A talented lettering artist from Hinckley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
      Searching Google gave us several thousand, but searching "image" brought us closer and closer. The first inkling was at Karen's blog. Then we found this Sarah Coleman's blog. Wrong Sarah Coleman. Undaunted, we then found this Sarah Coleman's site.. Wrong again. Then we discovered that Sarah doesn't go by her name, but rather goes by "Inkymole" ... and bingo it was a wonderful treat when we finally found Sarah ... and best of all
NOTE Sarah J Coleman lettering gallery

Iranian Hand Lettered

This is a rather odd sort of arrival. We were tipped to the font "Iranian Hand-Lettered" which is actually a rather elegant tall art deco style font, and found it could be downloaded from the "Frogii's Fonts" site... which is actually not a site at all, but a section in Moorstation.org. Visit this library for some really unique and off-the-wall fonts. The tour begins here, where you can download Iranian Hand-Lettered.
NOTE Find other font designers at moorstation.org

Now Typophiles can own the ultimate Coffee Tablecoffee table

Alpha Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind conversation table was inspired by a Paris flea market find, then designed exclusively for us by a London graphic designer with a penchant for, and a large personal collection of, antique printers' blocks. Iconic top is carved from one single piece of wood with raised letters and numbers painted in 10 different colors. (pictured at right) It's a Crate and Barrel Exclusive
NOTE it's going to set you back $899.00

Nonbreaking Hyphens

Ilene Strizver says : Setting professional-looking typography is all about attention to detail. Hyphenation is one of these critical details: what and where to hyphenate, and, in some cases, what not to hyphenate. There are times you don't want text to break at the end of a line, such as a proper name, a phone number or a URL. But if you leave the choice up to auto-hyphenation, it can happen without your consent.
NOTE This is when the nonbreaking hyphen comes in handy.
NOTE Our previous article by Ilene: Using Initial Caps

Dennis Hill is the Font Playerfontplay

Dennis Hill is a self-proclaimed mild-mannered salesman who started FontPlay in the 90's. He started posting his discoveries to the alt.binaries.fonts news group and realized it was a nice way to feature freeware fontmakers -- showing people that nice things can be done with free fonts. He accumulated a wealth of font sample art that is an eye-candy ride. His favorites start at:
NOTE www.fontplay.com and free photos

Allie Hoopes brings you a wonderful world of youthful images and, remarkably, a superb collection of children's handwriting fonts. Unfortunately, Allie says:
      In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent inside at the computer I'm currently not doing any new fonts. Instead you'll find us outside enjoying the weather, inside painting or working on new projects, or no where at all because we'll be out exploring. Thanks! Now turn off your computer and go play!! And do NOT miss Allie's "1,000 Words Photography"
NOTE Allie Hoopes wonderful children's handwriting fonts

Tour 'de' Ink

You will be amazed at these spectacular graphics created with pens, brushes and other "wet" tools. This page in the Typophile site will blow your mind with a WIDE variety of takes on the alphabet. Hey, if this link goes dead, please let me know -- it was dead for several days while we were proofing this article, and we almost took it out. That would be a shame. This time we PDF'd it. ?
NOTE Tour 'de' Ink

type gone bad

typography gone bad documenting the aweful fate that befalls innocent typography when
NOTE fonts go bad

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2007

Typographica's fourth annual review showcases the best in new typeface design. Twenty-five of the world's brightest graphic and type designers selected their favorite font releases of the year. We welcome to our regular cast of contributors: David Berlow, Ellen Lupton, and Erik Spiekermann, among others.
NOTE Typographica's fourth annual typeface review

Love those fonts...

And, there were many, many others, but I've run out of steam, and this train is leaving the station. All throughout the year keep those comments coming about your favorite font discoveries. You can always share your favorite freeware or shareware fonts with DTG readers by giving us a shout.

... and thanks for reading!

Fred Showker
Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher of DTG Magazine


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