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Timothy Donaldson

... luscious fonts with a brush

Timothy Donaldson When he was two years old, Tim Donaldson amazed his parents by being able to name each of the ships that passed by his home on the Manchester Ship Canal, near Manchester, England. "Apparently I had memorized the peculiarities of each ship's mast, which was all I could see," he recalls, "and linked these to the ship's name." Donaldson believes this heightened awareness of minute details has served him well in the world of typography. (? )

In late adolescence, Tim Donaldson became obsessed with handwriting and spent countless hours experimenting with different writing tools and materials. This led to his first career as a sign painter. But a desire to create even more detailed lettering, along with encouragement from Hermann Zapf, among others, propelled him into a second career as type designer. Currently, Donaldson teaches graphic design, handwriting, lettering, and type design at Stafford College, England.


ITC Humana® Serif Font Family

Humana by Timothy Donaldson is one of those fonts you just can't do without. From the lightest weight down to the heavy style, this font is totally versatile for uses where you want to imbibe the humanist look -- postering, logos, heads, and text.

Humana Family

ITC released its first Donaldson typeface in the early 1990s. In the years since, Donaldson has added more than two-dozen faces and families to the ITC typeface library. From the exceptionally versatile ITC Humana family, to the slightly scary Orange and Spooky, to the affable Jellybaby, the range of Donaldson’s work is broad and deep enough to sail a ship through.

If you're looking for a superb calligraphic brush font that also carries a classic feel for typography -- with even a compatible sans, then key Humana into the search box here


Neo Neo is a type style straight out of a 1950s time capsule! Casual slightly condensed letterforms with smooth, soft lines are reminiscent of typical highway diner and motel ads of that era. Neo Neo can be equally effective set in all cap or cap and lowercase to convey a bright, inviting mood. Created by British designer Timothy Donaldson.
Neo Neo is the Font of the Month

Donaldson paints brush script into the project wall

Take a look at Tim's and notice the "behind" page for a real interesting web treatment -- and be sure NOT to miss his Logos collection.


A special thanks goes out to Jean Porchez, who snapped this photo of Tim, (at right) working on the Project Wall

Jean then linked us to the "I Love Typography" web site where you'll also find some stunning type and font works. While you're there, be sure to try the rather difficult typography game, where I scored 30 out of 34. How did you do? You'll also want to check out Jean's web site: for even more cool fonts and typography eye candy.

21st Century Masters: Timothy Donaldson

Next time you are surfing for fonts, be sure to key in "Timothy Donaldson" to see his entire collection of lucious brush inspired fonts!

Take advantage, and expand your creative awareness!

... and thanks for reading!

Fred Showker
Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher of DTG Magazine

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