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DTG Reader Michael Hoffman wrote in search of a font...

Howdy, I'm Desperately seeking this font (at right).
Any idea of it its name?
Many thanks for ANY help!

I do not know the specific name of the font in use, however a good substitute would be the Caslon Antique font available from Garage Fonts.

Or, you can download these "antiqued" fonts
at the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock


Benjamin is based on “Ben Franklin,” a nineteenth-century wood-type face that imitates eighteenth-century hand-set type, as in Poor Richard’s Almanack. It’s deliberately rough and whimsical--sort of a cross between Windsor and Caslon Antique.
__ The author, Walter Kafton-Minkel says: "I found the original in Wood Type Alphabets: 100 Fonts, edited by Rob Roy Kelly and published by Dover in 1977. Kelly’s collection of wood type inspired Adobe’s two “Wood Type” collections, but this font isn’t in either of them. I scanned Ben Franklin and made a Type 1 font of it with Altsys’ Fontographer 3.1. I made a few alterations to the original typeface, as well as created a number of necessary characters missing from the book--the percent sign, the parentheses, the number 2, and a few others.
__ Walter is an active member of the award winning Portland Macintosh Users Group

Rosabel Antique is an oldstyle Roman face fashioned after the hand-set weathered look of eighteenth century printing. It reflects this heritage through carefully crafted letterforms which simulate the uneven effects of early metal-type printing devices and their inferior inks, upon handmade papers.
__ Author Mark Thomas, asks $25 shareware fee, and in return will send you Rosabel Antique’s accompanying italic and Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures, plus a fuller version of the Roman which includes accented characters. Suggestions are welcome.

Yet another great "distressed" Antique style font is Dominican.
__ Dominican, Domincan Italics, and Dominican Small Caps were created and placed into the public domain by Harold Lohner in 1999.
__ This $5 shareware font has some decided advantages over many others because it comes in three postures: Regular, Italics, and Dominican Small Caps.
__ Dominican is based on an analog reproduction of a font of the same name -- a nice alternative to Caslon Antique, at a tenth the price!

Pick these up at the Loading Dock or the Publishers' Warehouse

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