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Our 'golden girl' of the Windows World,
Michelle "Shelle" Feigen focuses on fonts for Windows Users:

Font Navigator from Bitstream

Despite all I'm told, I just can't help keeping several hundred fonts on my PC. Bitstream's Font Navigator 3.0 has proved itself to be an intuitive, and feature-filled font management system. Keep in mind that this is not a replacement for Adobe ATM; To use PostScript Type 1 fonts you MUST have ATM installed on your system. You use Font Navigator to install, classify, and manage your fonts instead of ATM. Its strength comes from a user-friendly interface, better support for drag-n-drop, automation, and loads of font reporting features.The Type Center - Bitstream's Font Navigator
. . . When you start Font Navigator 3.0 for the first time, you're met with a wizard letting you select the drives you have installed fonts on. Select all the drives you need to and you're ready to go.
. . . Creating new groups and browsing for fonts, whether installed or not is a breeze, and the drag-n-drop works the way it's supposed to, allowing you to drag a font from one group to another easily. ( Click our graphics here for a better look!)
. . . Had enough of "The quick brown fox" and his antics with that lazy dog? Right-click and you'll find options to change the text, the font size, or "Explore" the font further. The "Explore" feature, which is also available by right-clicking on any font name in any window, shows you the properties of a specific font. Font samples can be viewed in waterfall or block text, for their capabilities as rotated text, bold, underlined, strikeout, or reversed, or as a simple single-line sample. Any of these samples can be resized by right-clicking to give you a better look.The Type Center - Bitstream's Font Navigator
. . . The "Properties" feature is a great way to find out more about the font, including it's location, other fonts in the family, character set, and more sample text. Allowing for the families to be included under the main font info is indeed handy, and you can use the drop-down menu on these screens to get information or a sample of the related fonts. (Click our graphics here for a better look!)
. . . Many features make this a first class utility, but the highlights of Font Navigator include its ability to associate a font group with an application or document. This allows you to automatically load the fonts you need when you need them, without having to open the utility later to do it manually -- a real time-saver if you regularly use certain fonts only for one application or a document you only edit twice a year. You can also create shortcuts on your desktop or menus to any font group, making activating those fonts a one-step process.
. . . With an unusually low price of $39.95 this is must have software for anyone working with fonts. After all, taming one's fonts has long been a problem - Bitstream's Font Navigator 3.0 goes a long way in the struggle to convince them you're in charge (Or at least make them think you are!).

Michelle "Shelle" Feigen
Shelle's Internet Design & Consulting
Bitstream Font Navigator 3.0 -- Windows 95/98/NT (Intel) $39.95 Windows NT (Alpha) $149.00

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