Bernhard Calligraphy from the Dover Calligraphy Book

I WAS PRACTICING (with steel brush and tracing vellum) with "Calligraphic Alphabets", which I've owned since the old days so I decided to just pull the page out and scan it!

BernhardI scanned a sample called "Bernhard" at roughly 800 ppi to render a nice large image. Then step by step I reduced it to a managable size, and began using the characters to create the header above.

It's really easy, just take your lasso tool and select the characters you want to use. Make duplicates using copy and paste, or as I did, an Option/Drag. It makes things easier if you move the scan to a layer then using Select->Color Range and choose only ONE color, white, then Select > Invert Selecton and Command/J (or, 'float' to a new layer.) Once the letters are on their own transparent layer, lassoing becomes much easier.

I was saddened because I still couldn't get what I was looking for. This one is too sharp and jagged. While I experimented with some rather lovely pieces of type, it just wasn't looking like the vision I had in my head.

Looking for the perfect font...

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