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The Declaration font set

P22 type foundry announces The Declaration font set based on the script of the historic document of 1776.

The new Declaration font set from P22 features 3 fonts, two lettering fonts based on the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America and a third font featuring all 56 signatures found on the document.

The P22 Declaration Script font features the look of classic 18th Century penmanship as found on documents made with ink quill pens on parchment.

The accompanying Blackletter font is also derived from the Declaration of Independence as it was used for emphasis and, of course, the famous document title itself.

P22 Declaration is also available in OpenType format. The Pro version combines The Script, Blackletter and Signatures fonts from the regular set plus much more into one OpenType font with smart features and additional ligatures and swashes.


Download the period press release [PDF Format]

Prices start at $19.95 for single fonts. For the month of July only, order The Declaration Font Set (TT/PST1 only) and Franklin's Caslon Set together for $49.95:

P22 Type Foundry
Buffalo, NY 14213 http://www.p22.com


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