Poptics Font

The Poptics family is a wonderful collection of shareware type faces by Patricia Lillie that I think you should discover, or rediscover. (Clicking on the titles here show a larger sampling!)

In 1993, PopticsOne arrived, with 171 all new characters, including numerals, punctuation, basic symbols, and 52 fairly unusual dingbats. She even developed two versions of all letters and numbers and some punctuation, which gives you the opportunity to introduce variation into your type set.
The dingbats are absolutely the hallmark of all the Poptics fonts! Most sport a reverse version for visuals that go the other way!

Poptics Two
Later, Patricia came with PopticsTwo, yet another really fun font with still more great (52 in all) dingbats.
Pat says, "The letters are great for posters and flyers and make excellent drop caps." Once again, the dingbat collection alone is worth the shareware fee, this one being more generalized with snails, dinosaurs, kings, trashcans, and much more.

Patricia's latest, PopticsThree is a round tip marker font with tremendous appeal, and yes, another collection of 52 all new dingbats. This one is by far my favorite and includes holiday images along with my favorites -- animals in sunglasses!
Upon publication of PopticsThree, Pat says: "Thanks to all you superior human beings who registered PopticsOne & Two!"
We agree whole heartedly -- register your copy today! Poptics fonts feature over 500 kerned pairs and look good no matter what software you use them with. Poptics is a wonderful family, and well worth the paltry $10 fee (per font) that Pat asks for.
PopticsOne, PopticsTwo, PopticsThree are shareware: $10.00 each

PS: Check back often because we'll be posting a full Poptics Sampler which shows most characters of all three alphabets in Acrobat (pdf) format. In The Publishers'Warehouse, all three Poptics Fonts will appear for download!

Note, our header at the top of this page was created with Poptics Three, in Photoshop. We colorized it red, applied the BlackBox filter "Inner Bevel" and finished it out with a soft Gaussian blur drop shadow. The "Kool Kat" is also from Poptics Three... one of those great ding-bats!

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