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Put a TACO on your font list...

I couldn't resist plugging this month's font: TACO MODERN Some will call it grunge, but I call it fun!

Ben Haber, the artist tells us:

"TACO MODERN is the most twisted item on the TACO menu. The other two fonts in the family are TACO SALAD and RED CHILI. I believe that if you enjoy TACO MODERN, you will find TACO SALAD and RED CHILI essential."

We think so too! If you would like this sample, you'll love using TACO MODERN. It's shareware ($10), and it's available in our forum on eWorld, The Design & Publishing Center's "Publishers'Warehouse" or from your own favorite online service.

Be sure to register that shareware fee, because when you do, you'll also receive one special bonus font not available on any of the on-line services.

You can also get the whole package, along with TACO SALAD and RED CHILI for a paltry registration fee of $20 sent to

this months font is TACO

Ben Haber
P.O. Box 22744
Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA.

He can be found online by sending mail to:


That's it for this month in the signs department. Keep a keen eye out for those signing opportunities -- and by all means let me know any cool items you turn up. Try our ceramic sign concept, and better yet, try it with Taco Modern for that real southwestern flavor!

PS: Seen any cool signs, or great fonts... let us know about them! Don't forget our "Keen Eye" awards...

Happy hunting!

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