... Just in time for Valentine's!

M. Libby has provided us with the perfect Valentine's Day font... Virgin Love. I would have called it “Fresh Love”... because that’s exactly what it is!

Virgin font sample

It's a today sort of, casual display font that will work well in human related enviornments... and not just Valentine's Day. How about children's layouts, or health related publications for clinics or hospitals... or that fitness club brochure you're working on.

I think it's wonderful! So we pass it along to you now, in The Publishers'Warehouse

Virgin Love comes in both TrueType, and Postscript, and this public version of the font is free to anyone who is interested. What a great gift from M.

This one however does lack some of the characters, and numbers. The fully functional version contains many special characters you might need, like: periods, commas, misc. puncuation, foreign language characters, mathematical characters, and pretty much every special character that is included in a standard font. The full version is available for a paltry 10 bucks, and all you have to say is "Virgin Love" for Mac or PC.
M. libby 628 eighth street SE, minneapolis, mn 55414

If you send the $10, you'll get an an extra free disk containing FreeWare versions of every m. libby font to date. if you wish to order only the catalog, please send a blank disk or $1 to the address above.

Download "VirginLove" . . . and don't forget... tell us about your favorites!

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