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Robert Schenk teaches at a small college in Indiana and had become fascinated with typography about nine years ago. He was working on a textbook at the time, and after producing dozens of typefaces justs for the fun of it. Then one day, opportunity knocked.
__ It was Wayzata Technology, at the door, who began to publish his typefaces on their Font Pro series of CD-ROMs. We've spotlighted several of the fonts in the "&Type!" department of The Design Center, and believe it or not we've had a number of calls on where to find those fonts since Wayzata dropped off the face of the earth.
When Wayzata went out of business, Robert collected all the typefaces he had done for them, added a few more, and rolled them all into a really fun CD called the "No-Hype Type CD".
__ No-Hype has 500 or so fonts ranging from very grungy to spectacular. They're in both Postscript and True Type, and there's even a little interface program that lets you visually see the faces for selection. You'll find a good collection of wild stuff, as well as a number of very unusual picture fonts.
__ For the paltry price of $19.95 you can have'em all -- totally unlocked... Mac or PC (Windows 3.1) You'll need to buy direct though, the price is so low there's no mark-up for us. Watch for more samples of Bob's fonts in the pages of DT&G, or just give him a line at and let him send you a CD out.

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