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Scripts for Spring
In spring time a young man's thoughts turn to FONTS!

Well... maybe not fonts. But spring is the most active part of the year in terms of things happening.

During April and May you can expect numerous events taking place in your local area. Around here it's difficult to decide what to do each weekend because everyone seems to hold their open houses, crafts festivals and community shows during spring.

ThatŐs what caught our attention when Tamye Riggs of Phil's Fonts suggested I take a look at


So I scooted on over to philsfonts.com, (where you can always find a free font!) in the Garage Fonts section and discovered a very fresh, hand-printed marker font from Pieter van Rosmalen

Peter is a prolific type designer and talented graphic designer from the Netherlands who has crafted Naomi -- one of the few fonts to have a really convincing quick hand print look.

Pick up Naomi from: philsfonts.com , in the Garage Fonts Online Catalog Department

What an opportunity to have a little fun, and help your clients promote all those various spring activities. Not only do we have Easter just around the corner, but National Garden Month, National Humor Month and National Poetry Month. Let's look for fonts that lend themselves to the bright, cheery, fresh feelings of spring...

MaidstoneScript from Sam Wang is a wonderfully fresh and stylish font. This one even includes Scandinavian special letters. Its tall, narrow, and not only fits well but looks good too! Sam is a font crafter from Clemson, SC and wishes a shareware fee for Maidstone. stmwang@hubcap.clemson.edu

The Pixie Font - Spring Script Fonts Publishers'Warehouse
Our next two fonts this month are both from David Rakowski one of our favorite shareware font crafters. His Pixie font (above, center) reminds us of Bodoni livened with uneven, hand-drawn serifs and a bit of playfulness. It closely resembles an alphabet found in the early Speedball Lettering handbook.

Polo Semiscript -- Spring Script Fonts Publishers'Warehouse Polo SemiScript, also from David, (at right) is a fresh, crisp round-brush script with quick, casual terminations. Plenty of swashes here... ideal for organic and natural subjects. We cocked the "HUMOR" letters a bit just for effect.

David wishes small shareware fees for all his fonts, and both Sam and David include specific shareware certificates with each font. Read them, and support shareware!

Also be sure to see our Handwriting Fonts!

To download these fonts you'll need to get the directions to the loading dock in The Publishers'Warehouse, and follow the links provided there.

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