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A handwriting font is a great way to add the personal touch... from & Type! and The Design & Publishing Center...

There's no better way to personalize your communications than with handwriting and a cursive handwriting font made from your actual handwriting can really say something special.

Alexander Walter specializes in the creation of custom handwriting fonts and has been helpful with this month's &Type! column. He first supplies you with a unique block of text that you would write out by hand.

This form contains all of the characters required and some essential combinations of characters that allows him to then create your own very special font.

You can specify special characters, diacritical marks or any idiosyncrasies in your handwriting that you want included. Alex hails from Middletown, NJ, but has forged fonts for clients from all over the world.

Once the font is complete he posts your (Mac or Windows) font to a private web page where you can view it and download it. Included are complete instructions on the use of the font as well as his "Handform" randomizer macro for use in MSWord. The randomizer customizes the character combinations giving the set-text a truly handwritten flavor.

Although Alex's custom font represents the ultimate in personalization, you may also want to take a look at some ready to go handwriting fonts.

Sam Wang's "Handwriting." font, (shown at right) is one such font you can download in the Publishers'Warehouse here in The Design Center.

Another great front is called Lefty Casual by Ted Alspach. LeftyCasual is possibly the sleekest, most refined, easy-to-read "handwriting" font to ever hit the mainstream Macintosh public. Designed from the perpective of a left-handed graphic artist, It gives the term "casual" new meaning.

To download these fonts you'll need to get the directions to the loading dock in The Publishers'Warehouse, and follow the links provided there.

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