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THE GRAPHIC ARTS & DESIGN FIELDS are very fortunate to have a font purveyor like Garage Fonts. It gives us all an opportunity to enhance our visual materials with distinctive typography outside the usual main stream.
. . . The big foundries (like Monotype, Bitstream, Adobe, etc.) concentrate on revenue fonts -- or those they can sell to anyone and everyone. Good designers and illustrators need a continuing source of enlightenment in order to continue creating their stand-out designs. Even some of the smaller foundries who used to delve in the leading edge have now begun a trend toward more traditional, "wide market appeal" designs. If there were only big font companies then chances are most of these unique creations wouldn't see the light of day.
... Garage fonts are created by professional designers and head-of-the-class graphic arts students from all around the world, including Australia, Canada, Iceland, Italy, Germany and Singapore.
. . . We've seen some innovative font work from GarageFonts since 1993. They began primarily to distribute the experimental fonts used in Raygun Magazine, and in just a few short years, they've grown to take a strong position in the areana of Fonts Nuveau.

Fred Showker
Editor/Publisher, DT&G Magazine

GarageFonts - - 301-879-6955 -

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