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__ The Design & Publishing Center is proud to introduce you to the most unique value in the entire graphic arts industry. The Great American Font Works CD from Silver Graphics is a font collection you cannot afford to pass up...
132 decorative display fonts, UNLOCKED on CD-rom!

These fonts are clean.

__ In terms of craft -- Silver spares no toil. All the control points are set by hand, and the kerning sets are developed by eye... NOT by the machine. The outline and inline fonts as well as some of the parallel-line fonts are superb. Even some high-decorative fonts are included that only Letraset has matched in their rub-down type!
__ Take a look at the font "I-Beam" demonstrating vector excellence. When I first showed that art around, everyone said "...boy, that's a lot of work there, Fred!" Of course, I just smile... I'd never admit that all I did was keystroke it!
__ Silver Graphics lays claim to the "fun" in fontmaking, and we have to agree. Leave the plain to other font companies and look to silver for excitement. Unique is the keyword for Silver's fonts. The outline, inline and dropshadow fonts are absolutely the best I've seen in the industry for quality. Even Adobe shies away from outlines and decorative, 'illuminated' fonts - but not Silver.

Sexy Wellington Font
__ "Almanac" is one of the fonts I was thrilled to see in this collection. I happen to like the old style and antique font families. I was hand lettering the antiques long before there was PC computer typesetting. Being in the historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, many of my clients are either very traditional, or actually deal with historic subjects. Almanac is one of those fonts that is so lyrical that it compliments almost any publication as a display font.
__ "Phoebe" Is another great font from the collection, this one hailing from the late Nouveau, early Deco period. This one's particularly special because it allows easy modifications, and its open spaces can be filled and manipulated!

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__ Who needs it? This font CD needs to be in the tool box of anyone who uses fonts for different individual projects.
  • Desktop publishers - who produce work for a variety of clients
  • Designers - needing a variety a visual resources for logo/identity work
  • Sign Companies - who cater to different businesses
  • Newspapers - ad departments who need diversity for their customers
  • Directories - shoppers, phone direcories, coupon houses
  • Education - from high school to university level
  • Illustrators - who often need ready-to-go illuminated fonts
The diversity of styles, and the range of use make this collection a "one-stop-shop".

The sexy Hapsburg Font
__ But "antique" and "history" are not the only languages spoken by Silver. This small foundry is just as at home with a sprinkling of Deco, some classic scripts, several fresh casual scripts, a few Sci-Fi fonts, and even some Grunge tossed in. Traditional staples are included as well, like "Ace Reporter" (American Typewriter) and "Guild" (Gill Sans.) Entendre is a modern, up-to-date font which is an original Silver design.

The Sexy Entendre Font

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Silver Graphics
-- Pennington Gap, Virginia

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