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Shakin and Bakin fonts

Shakin and Bakin fontsIMPLE AND FUN are the orders of the day when you want to shake up your type a bit. This technique was easy to do and print since the colors were left in their purest CYMK values.
Surrounding an article on web personalities, the designer wanted the reader to get a little sick feeling. It worked. They set the type for the article, then rotated three copies at different angles. Each copy was then colorized Magenta, Cyan and Yellow. The borders around the pictures were handled in the same fashion.

Shakin and Bakin fontsWe set our example first in Illustrator, converted the type to paths, and assigned a stroke that looked about right. Saving as an EPS file, the layout artist simply imports them into Quark or whatever. For our demonstration here, we imported them into Photoshop for the final touches.
In our “Quake” word we simply keyed in the initial word, and while it was active we saved the selection. Then New layer -> paste another copy, then -> offset slightly, and -> rotate slightly.

Shakin and Bakin fontsLoad the selection -> Modify > Expand a pixel or two, and delete. That leaves the white space around the original letter. Repeate that sequence a few times and now you got me QUAKING!

Too much trouble??? Well... in that case, just set your type in Photoshop or ColorIT! and open the new “Eye Candy” plug-in from Alien Skin and hit the “Jiggle” command!*

If you need a lot of rockin’ and rollin’ letters, you may want to select a pre-shattered font... our samples at left are: (top to bottom) Lower West Side and Starburst by David Rakowski; Crackey by James Chin; Jazzy Cracked byFantazia Concepts, and FutureShock II by Jim Rinaldo. Others abound, and you can download these whereever shareware fonts are found.

(click on samples above to find samples of the fonts)

You can download these fonts for both Macintosh and Windows from links posted in the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock.

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