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TypeBook Creator

...Veenix presents a pretty cool fonts utility for Mac users

Veenix TypeBook CreatorVEENIX TYPEBOOK CREATOR allows you to create and print type specimen books of your entire font collection. TypeBook Creator features automatic font categorization, 14 page layouts and numerous customization options.

What I like BEST about TypeBook Creator is selecting a genre of fonts, say for instance just the scripts, and print any of the layouts -- but print to PDF. Now, the PDF version allows you to browse easily right there on your computer. You can then generate more PDFs and compile them into a multipage file for viewing. If you wanted, you could also just say "Print All" then select PDF and go have lunch. When you get back, a multipage PDF will have ALL your fonts.

The one thing I wish I could figure out how to do is print all my loaded fonts into a PDF file sized 24 x 36 inches so I could take it to Kinko's for output on the large-format printer! Then I'd have a wall poster in my office where I can just glance to find the font flavor I'm looking for. (Are you listening, Veenix?)

Type Catalog Window

Creating professional type books and catalogs has never been easier!

Catalogs fontsThe new font cataloging software from Veenix Software features a revolutionary automatic font categorization process which can distinguish between 16 font classifications, including: serif and sans serif fonts, picture, script & thematic fonts, text fonts, mono-spaced fonts, wide and narrow fonts, and more. For professional graphic artists, dealing with thousands of fonts, it's a true Godsend.

3 Easy Steps to Creating A TypeBook

1. Add your font collection by clicking on the "Add Fonts" button in the tool bar of the TypeBook Creator window. Navigate to the folder containing your fonts and click the "Choose" button. TypeBook Creator automatically analyses fonts as they are added to the database.

2. Select a category and layout from their respective popup menus.

3. Click the "Print TypeBook" button in the tool bar of the TypeBook Creator window.

Customizing Layouts

TypeBook Creator offers a nice collection of different page layouts, which are accessed from the popup menu in the upper left corner of the TypeBook Creator window. Most of the layouts can be customized with user defined sample text and page margins and all of the layouts can have custom footer text. Page layout previews are drawn using the currently selected font and can be updated to reflect customization changes by clicking the "Update Preview" button or double-clicking on a font in the list.

Available in a budget 'basic' edition as well as the standard version, Font Tools is a suite of applications that will help you manage, organise, print and preview your fonts. It's been around for a while, offering these features to type-hungry designers on the Mac since 1998. Loyal users will enjoy features like a new preview pane, colour-coded layouts and automatic detection of image fonts.

Make different layouts Font Tools creates a Visual Font Database of installed typefaces at start-up, displaying a window listing all the fonts on your system complete with a live preview. From there, you can go through the list sorting them into predefined categories either one by one or by searching for specific font families. These categorisation tools are only the tip of Font Tool's iceberg though, with a handy panel that lets you switch between other applications in the bundle. Font Samples gives you a full paragraph preview of any selected face, for example, while the Font Comparison pane enables you to compare text samples side by side.

TypeBook Creator
Mac OS 10.4 or Greater
Universal Binary
Professional type specimen book creator with automatic font categorization.

Veenix TypeBook Creator allows you to create and print professional type specimen books of your font collection. TypeBook Creator features automatic font categorization, 16 page layouts and numerous customization options. Creating professional type books and catalogs has never been easier!

Download Demo (Mac Zip File) 800 KB

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($70-USD value! Font Tools demo included in TypeBook Creator demo download.)

TypeBook Creator Version 1.0 was voted an immediate Apple Staff Pick in June 2008.

Take advantage, and expand your creative awareness!

... and thanks for reading!

Fred Showker
Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher of DTG Magazine

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