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Michael Doret & POWERSTATION

AS IF METROSCRIPT wasn't enough, Michael Doret also sent along a copy of his incredible PowerStation font family. Michael developed the font while putting together a project for Hershey's chocolate. He was creating a letterform that was kind of chunky like a wedge of chocolate -- in fact it's working title was Chocolate Chunk. (Which we actually like better than "Powerstation"!)

Powerstation font from Michael Doret

What's unique about this font is that the faceted versions (Block and Wedge) in addition to their standard versions, have what are called "High" and "Low" versions which will enable the user to set type in 2 colors.

Powerstation in 2 colors

For example one could set a line of copy in "PowerStation Block Low" in black, copy the line, then paste the copy directly on top of the original and change it to "PowerStation Block High" and color it red: voila -- two color type! (Here's a black and white version)

Powerstation Samples

Powerstation: THE POSTERPowerstation Poster

MICHAEL plans to porduce a limited edition serigraph (silkscreen) poster to celebrate the release of each of his new fonts. If you purchase PowerStation right NOW, you'll get a numbered, signed, limited edition of the poster FREE!

The PowerStation poster is being sold for $24.95 -- a veritable bargain. Right now we're running a special offer: a free signed PowerStation silkscreen with every purchase of the full PowerStation family (8 fonts) by the end of September, 2006.

If this is a success, then Michael will roll out the poster for Metroscript! And that's the one we're waiting for -- so get out there and buy Alphabet Soup PowerStation -- and pick up a free poster.
Get Michael's fonts at:


... and thanks for reading!

Fred said it

Don't forget to see Michael's "Metroscript"

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