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P22 autumn

New font inspired by "Autumn"

Rod McKuenP22 Stanyan Autumn is a set of three fonts (two alphabets and one extras)

The lettering is based upon text lettering created by Anthony Goldschmidt for the deluxe 1969 edition of "...And Autumn Came" by Rod McKuen. (Title lettering from this book was issued as the P22 Stanyan Eros font)

McKuen BirdStanyan Autumn has already been used on the latest Rod McKuen book "Rusting in the Rain - New & Selected Poems" (Cheval/Stanyan 2004) as the text font for all of the poems.

Rod McKuen The 62 extras in this font are adapted from various McKuen works by Richard Kegler for use as picture font elements. They are based on original drawings by Rod McKuen, Anthony Goldschmidt, and Hy Fujita. (Click for a full page poster of extras!)

As a special bonus for licensors of the Autumn font set, we have included a special selection of audio tracks as MP3 files -- Included on CD for the purchasers of the CD version and for purchasers of the download version of the fonts, tracks can be downloaded at: www.p22.com


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