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Bergsland Auntie Pat

Open Type Pro font

David developed Auntie Pat to be a more functional script with caps, lowercase, small caps, and three figure styles. It's much more readable than many. In my humble opinion, it is more of a humanist italic that behaves like a script when you need it to -- yet retains the superb readability of the ital for passages of text -- passages that flow down the page!

David says:
"Auntie Pat evolved out of frustrations of trying to use many scripts that just didn't have the characters I wanted for page layout."

As a result, Auntie is a full Open Type Pro font, complete with caps, lowercase, small caps and figures to go with each of the character sets. Additionally, there are many ligatures, swashes, fractions, numerators, denominators and ordinals. The smooth reading font fulfills the rigors of truly classic typesetting in the purest form.


Auntie Pat works for wonderful 'spoken' passages as well as stylish heads. For larger text uses such as social documents it has the soft hand of Auntie Pat's own voice. (... as I imagine it -- David never really mentioned who Auntie Pat is, but I'll bet she bakes an apple pie to die for!)

You can purchase this font through David's own web site, bergsland.org, or they're available through Fonts.com in TrueType, PostScript, and the full 517 character Open Type Pro.

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David Bergsland

David has been a graphic designer, art director, teacher, and author on digital printing and publishing for nearly forty years. He has written several books, See his books and tutorial materials) designed well over a hundred fonts, and taught on the digital publishing industry needs for the past fifteen years. Presently he is working for a large printing company developing training materials for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat. Most of his recent works are published by Radiqx Press and available on his Website: bergsland.org

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Copyright ©2008 This is reprinted here with permission and kudos to David for contributing some of is extensive knowledge for DTG readers!

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