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Blue Vinyl from Jess Latham

JESS LATHAM began designing typefaces in 1997 for his font foundry BlueVinyl Fonts. His early creations were freeware fonts such as Sweet Hearts Sweet Hearts, a font made to look like conversation hearts, and Princess, a fanciful drawn dingbat with classic girlhood objects of desire.

In 1999 Jess began creating and selling his first commercial fonts. Since then he's had a number of successful best sellers that include the casually handwritten Shimmer and retro inspired Pink Martini. Notably, the Print Clearly and Print Dashed fonts are invaluable tools used extensively by teachers around the globe to help students and home schoolers who are learning to write.

(Both Print Clearly and Print Dashed are freeware fonts!) There is also a cursive version called Learning Curve, for those learning to write in cursive.

Lots of great fonts

BlueVinyl Fonts releases new fonts all the time, and it's difficult to say which are our favorites. Here, we'll show you just a few...

Eye Catching Font
Eye Catching is a fun script face with tons of alternates. The opentype version was scripted to have starts, endings, ligatures and alternates that happen automatically. Eye Catching retails for $40.00 and is available at bvfonts.com. Font Sample or Font Page

Disko is the freeware font that gives you instant graffiti. The goal with Disko was to create a graffiti font that had overlapping letters. Most importantly it had to be an easily readable graffiti font. Font Sample or Font Page ~ Mac ~ Win ~ OpenType

Little Trouble Girl Font from Blue Vinyl
Little Trouble Girl is a not so nice serif font with a bad attitude.Font Sample or Font Page ~ Mac ~ Win

In 2005 Jess worked with the Lakota Language Consortium, probono, developing a modified version of Print Clearly and Print Dashed. The font was used in a new Lakota Language text book.

Blue Vinyl Fonts Blue Vinyl Fonts

Owner = Jess Latham
website = www.bvfonts.com
fonts = Both Mac, and PC for web or print publishing -- low cost and freeware fonts, many in OpenFont format


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