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Drunk Robot Pimp is a wonderful new font from font
designer Ryan Donahue
Ryan is just a year out of school, working as a graphic designer at an award-winning ad agency in Boise, Idaho, with a passion for designing fonts!
... We selected “Drunk Robot” as our September back to school font because of its really friendly hand.
... Character shapes here are just a bit lop-sided, with playful chunks removed here and there. While it has a decided ‘post modern’ look, and would be ideal for technology applications, there’s a bit of “kid” in every character. So we feel it would also make an excellent font for designing publications that are targeted at children, or parents for their children. (Don’t tell them the name!)
... Another thing we really liked about the font is the way the characters work so nicely together. The nearly-square counter areas seem to set up a rythmn in the body of type which is echoed by any negative space that is interspersed into the block. You see, our example here illustrates that even non-aligned, staggared type blends and holds together as a single gulp!
... By the way... there are also a lot of interesting and fun alternative characters in the font that you can utilize in your projects. The nice thing about having extra characters be part of the font is they will harmonize with the other typography on the page.

Ryan says:
At the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID, I got hooked on type after being inspired by the likes of David Carson, Chank Diesel, and Vaughan Oliver. It's my opinion that alphabets were the first, and continue to be, the most pervasive form of graphic design. Every item manufactured in the electronic age is adorned with at least one typeface.
... Ryan is currently the graphic designer at Oliver, Russell & Associates in Boise,
Idaho. [ ]

Drunk Robot Pimp was the first font Ryan created with a design method he calls 'shape cannibalization.' He starts with some basic shapes and forms, which define the feeling he's looking for in a typeface. Then, he creates the rest of the characters by chopping up these shapes and re-combining them into additional letterforms. You'll probably notice that a lot of the
characters in Drunk Robot Pimp are slight variations on other characters that have been flipped, rotated, or otherwise cut up. This is what makes such fonts work so nicely in tight, compact word groupings like our header above and the title page for this review in the DT&G PDF edition.

Ryan continues. . .
I created the letterforms first, and then hunted around for a name. I wanted something kinda swanky, yet technical. I ran across a painting at Washington State University that was of a freaked-out looking robot. The artist had painted "drunk robot pimp" across the bottom of the piece, and I stole the name for my font (my apologies to the grad student who created the painting).

Ryan then used the formula "Drunk Robot + [Occupation]" to name two other fonts he created at U of I, "Drunk Robot Farmer's Daughter" and "Drunk Robot Debt Collector."

You can contact Ryan directly at

Drunk Robots Pimp by Ryan Donahue
is a Garage Fonts Face, available from Phil's Fonts.
All these fonts are available in both PC/Windows and Mac platforms, in PostScript or TrueType
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All these fonts are available in both PC/Windows and Mac platforms, in PostScript or TrueType.
Coming Soon: INDEX fonts... a total change in pace... don’t miss it!
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