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The 11th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

The Font or the Tale

Our first stop is sometime back in the 1600s and the Bayeux Tapestry. Some time ago we downloaded a font called the "Bas Bayeux" font which presented an intriguing puzzle. Who made it and why? There are actually three versions of the font, each with a collection of real and mythical figures of all manner of war, death and destruction. As it turns out the font depicts people, things and events from the Bayeux Tapestry which provides you with a rich background for the font. Enjoy the Font and the Tale

Gallo Display Exquisite

Next, we'll take a short detour to visit Mr. Gerald Gallo who continues to design great graphics and fonts. His latest is Display Exquisite, a rather unique display font designed specifically for headlines, logotypes, branding, and similar uses. It's straight, square and distinct.

Publishers' Warehouse Fonts

Now, we visit some rather special fonts from the archives of the Publishers' Warehouse. Yes, back in the late 1980s there was a collection of fonts called the Monster Fonts. It was made up of more than 400 fonts across twenty or so diskettes, distributed as shareware, freeware and public domain. No, we have not revived that collection. Most were bitmap fonts. However, we have followed many of the shareware producers and find their fonts on AOL and elsewhere around the web. AOL used to the best source for downloadable fonts anywhere!

Civi Type

Adorning our header above is Civitype, developed in 1991 by Neil Van Ess as a TrueType font. Neil actually gives credit to Stephen G. Moye for designing the original Postscript version. It looks very similar to Adinekirnberg Script (also in the Publishers' Warehouse) but has been cleaned up, enhanced and expanded. It has both Upper and Lower case letters, numbers, and most common used punctuation -- and looks good when used on invations, and greetings, etc. We love the ampersand!

Dance Craze

Dance Craze was developed by the Jess and the folks at the Blue Vinyl Fonts foundry. It's just one of their collection of freeware fonts. Jess comments: I am inspired by my uncontrolable love for music and computer graphics Jess has been creating cool fonts since 1997, and we think you'll like all his great fonts. Download this one and lots more at www.bvfonts.com (Here's a better look at the font)

Intimacy Font

Steven J. Lundeen, creator of "Intimacy" writes:

enjoying a candlelight dinner for two,
  while sharing a cage at the woodland park zoo,
    would you care for some more of my centipede stew?
      you remind me so much of my mother ...

Er, uh, Steven is the creative brains behind Emerald City Fontwerks. While "intimacy" has been made available as freeware, if you find this font useful, you are encouraged to drop an email to the font author. ECF offers a complete line of fonts in three flavors: shareware, freeware and graphic art clipfonts, which can be found at: Emerald City Fontwerks

Fantastic Creatures from History

UnicornNext we visit the works of Daniel Zadorozny and his Iconian Fonts foundry. Here's a collection of over 35 monsters, and creatures including Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasi, Phoenixs, Dinosaurs, Lizards, Lions, Griffins and more.
Iconian GriffinUpper and lower case A-Z (and numerals 0-9 as well as some punctuation) contain identical but flipped glyphs of monsters and other mythological creatures. This font may be freely distributed and is free for all non-commercial uses. This font is e-mailware; that is, if you like it, please e-mail the author, iconian at aol.com. Find these and lots more at Daniel's Iconian web site.
Here's a good look at the Fantastic Creatures

Desk & Office Icons

Desk Space Desk SpaceDesk Space font was released as a freeware font for personal use only. It's widely available for download from any number of online sources for both Mac and Windows as well as OS X. Joan asks a small contribution if you use it in a commercial project or product. More freeware fonts, illustrations and other stuff can be found at Joan's home page. (Which is actully a pretty cool web page... watch the background color slowly change!)

More coming as the Fall Fonts Festival continues through September and October!

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