12th Annual Fall Fonts Festival 2006
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One Dozen Years of Fall Fonts Festivals

It sort of shocked me when I realized this is actually the 12th year we've been holding the annual Fall Fonts Festival. That's great -- and I'm so pleased everyone has stayed on board that long. The bad news is, many of the fonts and sites we talked about in those first half-dozen or so years have fallen by the wayside. But the strong ones have survived, and there are new ones coming every day. Too many to keep up with!

TO CELEBRATE, we've used the "official" font to create two collectors' mugs -- which you can either purchase, or win by contributing to DTG through the end of the year! For details, see the Registration page.

Take a Type Tour with Fred...

Fonts Festival When I realized this is actually the 12th year we've been holding the annual Fall Fonts Festival, I decided to do a little wandering on the web. I went here and there for almost an entire afternoon of research. Now, I invite you to come along and enjoy some interesting, weird, whacky, cool and entertaining places I visited on my Type Tour...

Seymour Chwast: icon of contemporary graphic arts

Seymour Chwast We have a short visit with Seymour Chwast during his recent visit to JMU... and take a look at some of the visual design and illustration that helped shape a generation of graphic designers ... meet the Left Handed Designer... Seymour Chwast

Chris Costello is ...

Chris the guy who designed the "Papyrus" font, so familiar to Mac users... but it dates back to 1983 with Letraset press type! What's Chris been up to since then? A blockbuster fonts collection, all inspired by Antiquity

Thinking In Type

Alex White...Alex White is the leading authority on graphic design using typography. Thinking in Type, The Elements of Graphic Design, and Type In Use continue to be our top recommendation for learning and applying The Practical Philosophy Of Typography

Run-in Headlines

David BergslandDavid Bergsland sez: "Until very recently, what we used to call run-in heads have been very painful to produce." now, he'll show you how to do it, and give you some very good reasons for making... Run-in Headlines

Textura Blackletters in time for Halloween

BlackletterSome people call Blackletter fonts "Old English" -- what ever you call them, these new ones from P22 type foundry bring some rather special capabilities to the table... new Blackletters from P22

Fonts Festival: Designers talk about Type & Fonts

Fonts Festival For our 12th Annual Fonts Festival, we asked readers in the Design Cafe to reflect on type, typography, fonts or lettering. We struck a fine chord and have an excellent line-up of comments, tips and goodies for... The Fonts Festival.

The Official Type for the 12th Anniversary

Metroscript by Michael DoretOur good friend and master graphics expert Michael Doret provides us with this year's official typography -- and you can bet we'll be using it a lot because it's so wonderful-- Michael Doret's fabulous Metroscript font!

PowerStation from Alphabet Soup

Metroscript by Michael DoretThis is the debut of Michael Doret's Alphabet Soup font collection -- and along with Metroscript, we're proud to present this unique font that actually is eight fonts in one! Get two-color power with PowerStation

SPECIAL EVENT: Signs & Centuries

This article, excerpted from Allworth's "DESIGNING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS Creating Contexts For Clarity and Meaning" -- expert Rubén Fontana embodies the very essence of what it's all about when he asks these important questions about typography

The New Typography 2006

David BergslandDavid Bergsland asks: "Has Anything Really Changed?" Here are some insights and pointers on getting better typography -- and how it's been profoundly changed for the better with InDesign. "Our understanding of typographic norms is completely controlled by the tools available to us"... The New Typography 2006

LOGO back-to-basics with Typography

Dan AntonelliLogo design has gotten out of hand these days, with all the whistles and bells and special effects. Can you design effective logos in just two colors and dynamic type? Dan Antonelli knows you can and shows you some tricks for taking Logos Back To Basics

People in Fonts

People FontsThis was the year for icon and dingbat fonts. Here are two people fonts, one provides great pictograms for signing systems and the other highly usable, high quality outlines from actual photographs of People in everyday life

The Year of the Ornament Font

Gallo FontsHere comes Gerald Gallo again with a collection of ornamental icons and dingbats fonts that span from antique flowers to Art Nouveau ornaments to modern-day swirls... Gallo Ornaments Fonts

Banner year for P22

Yes, P22 and the International House of Fonts (IHOF) have been busy coming up with all kinds of new fonts for you... Michael Clark's Peanut font; P22 Zaner and P22 Allyson, by Paul Hunt; and Constructivist in the tradition of Revolution era artists... P22 joins the Festival

But there's more...

All of our fonts this month are either shareware or freeware and, as usual, can be downloaded through the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock or by visiting the web pages of the font creators. Most include a Read-Me file that tells more about the font and provides licensing info for the font's use and/or shareware contribution.

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Be sure to visit this year's P22 fonts!

We always invite you to share your favorite freeware or shareware fonts for the DTG readers. Got comments or suggestions? Just give us a shout.

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